Difference Between ISTJ and ENFJ Personality

ISTJ and ENFJ are two different personalities, they are both judgings which means they tend to follow the process, rules, and plans.

However, they have their differences too, ISTJ prefers to be alone and focus on concrete details whereas ENFJ is someone who draws energy when they are with someone else, idealizing the future and expressing themselves emotionally.

There are other differences too which depend on settings and aspects. To know more, here is what you need to know.

What To Know About ISTJ and ENFJ Personalities?

People who have the ISTJ personality type have an orderly, practical, and reserved personality, unlike ENFJ who are more genuine, emphatic, and genuine in their behavior.

ISTJ works hard and is self-sufficient in order to meet obligations. They are more comfortable when they are alone, or in small groups that consist of their close friends and people whom they know.

ENFJ is persuasive and often uses gifts to guide people to be better in their life.

Also, they are focused on building connections with others.

ISTJ, known as The Investigator and ENFJ, is Advocate.

What Are The Differences Dealing With ISTJ and ENFJ?

ISTJ and ENFJ have judging personalities, they have different ways of dealing with different aspects of life and also can be similar in certain situations.

Here are some of the ways that they deal with different situations.

When They Are Resolving Conflicts

  • ISTJ is more focused on being a logical thinker and prefers to make decisions about the issues by addressing facts.
  • ENFJ generally prefers to address the aspects which are emotion-related to the situation.
  • ISTJ needs to be more conscious when it comes to someone expressing the feeling and listening more attentive while being patient.
  • ENFJ whereas avoiding going overly expressive when it comes to settling the issues.

When It Comes To Build The Trust

  • ISTJs are likely to be more trustworthy when the ideas they express logically and emotional space are given.
  • ENFJ are conscious when they offer privacy when the situation where people are going to stress.
  • ENFJ tend to trust when they are openly connected on an emotional level.

When They Are Working Together

  • ISTJ and ENFJ bring organization, dedication, and motivation in order to make the work environment.
  • ISTJ offers logic, attention to detail, and a balanced mindset.
  • ENFJ is empathic while they make decision-making and creative problem-solving.
  • ISTJ can help in making practical and throughout deacons.
  • ENFJ can help in adapting the new consideration while they make the decisions and how it’s going to affect others.

When They Are Dealing With Change

  • ISTJ and ENFJ are more likely to have difficulty when they have to accept something new.
  • Since both personalities seek to have consistency and security
  • And the personalities required to work creating new routines and plans to change.

When They Are Managing Stress

  • ISTJ and ENFJ are types who need to seek an understanding of what are the root problems and what causes the stress in order to avoid it.
  • ISTJ is someone who gets stressed by the lack of structure, and large groups.
  • Also, they feel troubled when they have to express their emotions to others.
  • As for ENFJ are stressed by when they get the judgment and criticism
  • They get easily stressed when they have to focus on specific details and face the negativity.
  • Feeling like that they are someone who is nothing but just a burden to society.

When They Need Motivation And Encouragement

  • ISTJ and ENFJ are both people who can provide motivation and encouragement in their professional and personal lives.
  • ISTJ are people who accomplish their tasks and goals.
  • They feel motivated after getting the time for themselves and recharge.
  • Also to find the solution for the problems and finding the stability and security in personal life. 
  • ENFJ is someone who gets motivation by forming connections with others.
  • They are encouraged by making a difference in their community.
  • When they receive the love and value from people around them, they feel encouraged,
  • Also, it can be fulfilled by attending to personal needs.
Differences Between ISTJ and ENFJ

What Are The Differences Between ISTJ and ENFJ  In Different Settings?

ISTJ is detailed, logical, and detailed whereas ENFJ is someone who has a harmonious, charming and warm personality.

There are differences they have when you put them in different settings, it can be their contribution to the work and behavior when they are in a relationship.

Here are what can help you in understanding more about their differences in aspects of life and work.

Not just that, you can find what kind of roles they play better and what else can be helped or considered while dealing with both personalities.

Work Environment

Different personalities bring different values and perspectives to the working environment.

However, understanding the differences between the personalities can help you in knowing more about their performance and contribution.

What They Contribute To The Team

  • ISTJ is someone who has a strong sense of plan, working steadily and agreeing on objectives to get the closure.
  • They have a strong sense of the details and protect the team so they don’t get in the wrong direction.
  • ENFJ brings impetus and structure which makes sure that all needs of others are taken care of.
  • Also, they can capture the ideas by giving everyone an equal chance to contribute.

What They Do When They Lead

  • ISTJ is great when it comes to ensuring that everyone is clear and knows well about the roles and expectations.
  • Also, they focus on tasks instead of people.
  • ENFJ follows the leadership which drives closure and ensures that people are feeling happy.
  • Also, they need the saltate when it’s their need for action and passion.

When They Are Being Managed

  • ISTJ is best managed when they have plenty of time and clear tasks so they know what they need to do.
  • Also, they need steady energy which should be consistent in order to get the completion instead of being micromanaged.
  • ENFJ whereas more naturally service-driven, where they care about what people need to apply the energy to get tangible outputs.

When Need To Focus And Have Attention On Details

  • ISTJ has incredible eyes when it comes to detail, they focus and desire to get a driver for closure.
  • They want to slowly assimilate the information, be sure of the facts, and move forward as per the plan.
  • ENFJ has a love for the plan and they like to have a clear picture of what they are doing as well as diligently towards the goal.
  • Indeed, ENFJ feels less comfortable when they have a lot of options as they can easily get closure.

When Its About Creativity

  • ISTJ is some factual as compare to being creative and value that/
  • Also, they ensure that it has been agreed upon and delivered by others.
  • They translate everything into a plan so it can be simple to understand by others.
  • ENFJ is someone who focuses on the organization and different aspects of the people.
  • So they are not primarily creative, prefer to work and make sure that it’s agreed and properly planned so it can make people happy.

Handling The Conflicts

Since different people have ways of handling situations, this makes it important to know about how the personalities act when they are required to handle conflicts.

What Are Their Response For Conflicts

  • ISTJ prefers to keep things to themselves and so when they are in a situation where they have to face conflict, they struggle with overt conflict.
  • They are someone who wants to engage in verbal communication as they are fine with the conflicts which are formal.
  • ENFJ are twin attributes like the insight of being organizational ability and varying helps in seeing the interconnection that people have.
  • They can pick one clue and work without getting tired to solve the problem.

What Are The Issues They Fight About

  • Since ISTJ has a strong sense of right as well as wrong, they can be frustrated if someone didn’t do what they asked for. They are serious when it comes to commitments and doing what they has been told. 
  • ENFJ is someone who is an enthusiastic champion who wants others to feel taken care of.
  • Also, they are one of the excellent networks who can tune with people and with others along with colleagues.

What Are Their Communication And Conflict Style

  • ISTJ does the formal process which includes writing letters of complaint and going through the channels to play it well.
  • Also, they do the measure and formal, so It can be factual and non-emotional.
  • ENFJ is confident and articulate, they can be persuasive and tenacious.
  • They can be voted for as the committee chairperson and leader.
  • ENFJ is someone who is trustworthy as people believe they are reliable and will fight for others.

What Are Their Feeling After This

  • ISTJ is someone who is all about right and wrong, they don’t like conflict if it includes emotions.
  • They are more about fact and binary.
  • ENFJ is biting off more than they are able to chew.
  • They have the first priority of saying yes and taking the pain away.
  • During such times, they can feel like they are too burdened, underappreciated, and overwhelmed.

Relationships, Emotional, And Feelings

Different people have their way of showing their emotions, some are into forming strong bonds whereas some like to fly solo.

To understand ENFJ and ISTJ differences, here is what can help.

When They Are Being Around

  • ISTJ are intensely focused, this makes them look like someone who doesn’t have attachment.
  • Also, they look uncaring, cold, and impersonal.
  • However they are not doing it deliberately, but they can eliminate those who want to know them.
  • ENFJ is insightful, empathic, and gives value to the people.
  • They are someone who makes connections between people.
  • Not just that they are more people-centered and action-oriented which makes sure everything is going according to the plan.
  • They also focus on keeping track of the people, organizing, and scheduling.

When They Deal With Emotions

  • ISTJ are factual and detached, this makes them difficult to deal with emotions.
  • Also, they see this as something which is irrational.
  • They get uncomfortable when others show their emotions and have to translate the emotions into their factual language.
  • ENFJ is emotional but they also focus on others.
  • They tune in and bring empathy along with their organizational ability.
  • Well, it helps them in getting emotions out when it’s needed.

When They Are Sharing Feelings

  • ISTJ are private in their life, also they are not someone who easily opens up with others and shares their feelings.
  • They need to measure the people before sharing feelings.
  • Since they are not someone who likes to be in a group of unknowns, they feel their energy get sucked when they do interaction.
  • ENFJ is someone who encourages openness and trust.
  • However, they are not someone who is open about their feelings.
  • They are much more focused on what others are feeling, and they care about them and organize others.

What Drives And Values Them

  • ISTJ are those who like it when people stick to what they committed and agreed on.
  • However, it is not the understanding of human nature but the human deficiency as they are someone who takes commitments extremely seriously.
  • ENFJ turns themselves with others.
  • They are someone who has extremely thin psychological boundaries.
  • This puts them at risk of getting hurt and to those who are less sensitive, they can end up getting more burdens than they take care of.
  • They can get too much to handle which is not possible for them to deal with, and it ends up demotivating them. 

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