Difference Between A Boss And Leader

The success of a company depends on the contribution of many people. These people are the company’s boss, leader, employees, and other employees in other positions. These employees have a lot of work to make a company run well.

A boss makes a company, but this company does not depend only on the boss.
In a company, employees do their hard work, but behind its success, two people play a very important role, the boss and the leader.

What To Know About Boss And Leader?

A boss is only the owner of his company who focuses on profit. A leader is a person who leads, inspires, motivates, and guides his followers on various matters. The differences depend on psychology.

If a boss is not strict with his employees, he can never run a company well and earn a profit. A company will run at a loss.

To run a company profitably and achieve success, a boss must always be strict with his employees, give them orders, and ensure that if they don’t carry out the orders, the employees will fool him.

On the other hand, to be a good leader, you need to be a good listener and influencer. A leader must be competent. If he does not know the job well, he can never get the employees to do the job. Just like a company needs a boss, it needs a good leader to make the company successful.

Boss: Boss refers to a person in charge of an organization. He gives orders to employees and is the authority to make decisions on certain matters. Boss means the owner of a company.

Leader: By leader, we mean not only a person, but a person who has many responsibilities in a company, a person who does the work of many people is also a leader. One who motivates employees and drives them towards achieving goals.

A good leader has many qualities:

● foresight
● specific goals or focus
● Ability to motivate employees
● to be responsible

A boss manages his employees, while a company leader plays many roles, such as helping to boost employee morale, teaching them to work creatively, and striving to achieve a company’s success.

Every company has a boss, but the employees depend on a leader. Now we will make a list to know the difference between a boss and a leader.

What Is The Difference Between a Boss And a Leader?

A company can run well because of the contribution of both people. An owner spends a lot of his money behind a company, so he always has to be strict and how he is a leader so that he can work well with the employees of his company and make it profitable and successful.


A person who commands and exercises control over his employees. He is the boss of the company. A boss keeps track of how much profit and loss are at the end of the year.
A leader in the company influences and motivates his employees and keeps trying to boost their morale.

Employees are dependent on a leader. Whether a company is a production or a retail company, the overall responsibility lies with the leader to keep the work organized and moving forward.

Gain Respect

A company boss only gets respect from his employees because of his seniority. As he owns the company, he gets respect from his employees.

But a leader has to earn his respect. He earns respect from his subordinates due to his character, competence, and virtue.

Main work

A boss rules and dominates his employees. Where a leader boosts the morale of his employees and motivates and inspires them to work, a boss orders his employees to do the work and orders the employees to get the work done on time.

There, a leader strives to complete the owner’s mandate and creates an environment in which employees are motivated and can focus on work.

Driving force

Since he is the boss of his company, he runs the company depending on the quality of the company. He only follows how much work has been done. A boss never sees how the work is done, only how effectively the work is done.

On the other hand, a leader’s responsibility is to get the job done effectively. Motivate employees by always being with them, teaching them, and working with them on getting the job done. This is how a company can achieve profitability and success.

Work Efficiency

A boss knows how a company works and what works profitably. A boss completely determines what work the company will profit from.

And it is entirely up to a leader to get the job done and show the employees how to do it. A leader needs to be efficient and competent because he needs to know how to get the work done well by the employees.

Maintain Company Environment

One of the biggest factors behind a company doing well is the work environment. A company’s environment depends on how successful and unsuccessful the company is.

When a boss exercises authority over employees and dictates how work can be done, this may lead to disagreements among employees, but a leader completely handles this.

If the company is upset by a boss, a leader tries his best to fix it, working with the employees for a long time until the employees listen and accept him well and listen to the leader’s orders and try his best to get the job done.

What do like to do?

A boss likes to give orders to his employees because he owns the company. A boss never follows that order how much the employees like it. He only wants his job and how the company earns a profit.

Again a leader plays a very serious role in this case. All the responsibility is on a leader to complete the order and get the work done well by the employees.


A boss always works based on the structure of his company. A boss defines the structure of a company and tries to maintain it and looks at how much his company does and how much profit it makes every year.

Since a leader is required to run a company well, a leader must have a holistic view of how a company will run well in tandem with its employees.


Humans make mistakes. Every human being indeed makes mistakes in his work, whether he is a boss, a leader, or an employee.

A boss never has a good relationship with his employees because he always shows the employees’ mistakes, and by showing an employee his mistakes in front of everyone, the employee feels disrespect and loses his morale.

Again, a leader’s way of working is different. He shows the mistakes to the employees and gives the solution to correct them. A good relationship is maintained between an employee and a Leader.


A boss can never be a friend to his employees. There are many workplaces where employees and the boss have never interacted, so a boss and an employee can never have a relationship. There is only one relationship which is between the owner and the employee.

Now let’s talk about the leader. No matter how educated and skilled, a leader must maintain a good relationship with an employee. Only then can he get work from the employees. This is the main difference between a boss and a leader.

The Difference Between a Boss And a Leader –

● A boss is a person in charge of an office who gives orders to employees and behaves authoritatively. A leader leads others by influencing, motivating, supporting, and encouraging a person and works relentlessly to achieve goals.

● A boss has employees, whereas a leader has followers.

● A boss is profit-oriented, and a leader is people-oriented

● A boss practices control, and a leader practices inspiration.

● A boss makes decisions based on organizational rules, whereas a leader makes decisions based on his employees’ pros and cons and skills.

● A boss knows what work to get from the employees of his company, but another leader knows how to get the employees to work with his skills.

● A boss only orders his employees what to do, whereas a leader teaches how to do the job.

● A boss blames his employees for why things go wrong. A leader does not blame his employees for doing things wrong but teaches them how to do things right and tries to follow them so that they never go wrong.


Why is a leader more important than a Boss?

A boss, being the owner of a company, orders his employees to work. Where a leader depends on how he can get things done. A leader always motivates his employees and how to strive and achieve success.

Leaders are needed in a company because a leader motivates and teaches employees how to do things right and establishes a good relationship with employees, due to which employees work passionately.

How should a boss behave in a company?

A boss should always be strict with his employees; otherwise, the employees will fool the owner and cheat.

A boss should always order his employees to do the right work on time.

Why is leadership more important?

Being a leader in a company is very important because a leader can train and teach his employees as much as possible.

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