“Dear Stranger I Know How You Feel” Book Summary + Lessons + Inspiring Quotes

“Dear Stranger, I Know How You Feel” is a book written by Ashish Bagrecha, which holds our hands and shows us the path to a positive vibe and has the potential to uplift the mood of anyone who feels low and needs a push to perceive life from a fresh point of view.

Dear Stranger, I Know How You Feel Book Summary

“Dear Stranger, I Know How You Feel” is a self-help book by Ashish Bagrecha that explores themes of empathy, connection, and emotional support. The book takes the form of heartfelt letters and messages addressed to strangers who may be experiencing emotional pain or going through challenging times.

Bagrecha’s writing is characterized by its empathetic and comforting tone, offering solace and understanding to those who may feel alone or overwhelmed. He encourages readers to embrace their emotions, validate their feelings, and find strength in vulnerability.

The book touches on various aspects of human emotions, including love, heartbreak, grief, and self-discovery.

Bagrecha shares personal anecdotes and insights to inspire self-reflection and personal growth.

“Dear Stranger, I Know How You Feel” serves as a reminder that we are not alone in our emotional struggles and that compassion and connection with others can be sources of healing and strength. It offers readers a sense of community and understanding, making it a source of comfort and support in challenging times.

Lessons Learned From “Dear Stranger, I Know How You Feel” Book

“Dear Stranger, I Know How You Feel” by Ashish Bagrecha is a collection of heartfelt poems and prose that offer wisdom and insight into various aspects of life and emotions. Here are some key lessons and themes from the book:

  1. Empathy and Connection: The book highlights the importance of understanding and connecting with the emotions and experiences of others. It encourages readers to be empathetic and compassionate.
  2. Embracing Vulnerability: Bagrecha’s writing encourages individuals to embrace their vulnerability and share their feelings with others. Opening up can lead to deeper connections and healing.
  3. Resilience and Healing: Many of the poems in the book touch on themes of resilience and the capacity to heal from pain and heartbreak. It reminds readers that they have the strength to overcome challenges.
  4. Self-Discovery: The book encourages self-reflection and self-discovery. It invites readers to explore their own emotions, thoughts, and experiences.
  5. Love and Relationships: Bagrecha’s work often explores the complexities of love and relationships. It emphasizes the beauty of love, the pain of loss, and the importance of nurturing meaningful connections.
  6. Appreciation for Life: The book reminds readers to appreciate the beauty of life, from the simple joys to the profound moments. It encourages gratitude for the present moment.
  7. Mindfulness and Presence: Bagrecha’s writing encourages mindfulness and being fully present in each moment. It underscores the idea that life is happening now, and we should savor it.
  8. Acceptance and Letting Go: Many of the poems touch on the themes of acceptance and letting go of what no longer serves us. This is a valuable lesson for personal growth.
  9. Strength in Vulnerability: The book suggests that there is strength in vulnerability and in acknowledging one’s emotions. It challenges the notion that vulnerability is a weakness.
  10. Support and Community: Bagrecha’s work acknowledges the importance of having a support system and a sense of community. It reminds readers that they are not alone in their experiences.
  11. Positive Affirmations: The book includes positive affirmations and messages of hope that can inspire and uplift readers during challenging times.

“Dear Stranger, I Know How You Feel” offers profound insights into the human experience, emotions, and the power of connection. It encourages readers to embrace their feelings, support one another, and find strength in vulnerability.

The book serves as a source of comfort, inspiration, and reflection for those seeking meaning and understanding in their lives.

Dear Stranger I Know How You Feel Quotes

-I will always write for the strangers who are drenched in darkness.

-Just as how the sun covers miles to bring light to the moon, I shall do the same for you, how can I leave you like this?

-When you constantly fight with yourself, you find yourself fighting with others.

-Maybe you might never understand. Why I did not speak, why did I push you far from me, why did I shove down my feelings or locked my heart and threw the key away in the deepest of waters!

-I could not let you drown in the mess that belongs only to me.

-You have a resemblance with the moon, how you both are constantly at war with the darkness around you.

-There is always a need to be strong. But why and for whom? Is it not permitted to grieve a loss? 

-Being strong is never mandatory, and certainly no need of repressing your pain. 

-You are allowed to address the questions that might arise in your head. They are natural to be asked. But what is more important to understand is that none of this is your fault. 

-Forgiveness is not synonymous to forgetting what people have caused us. Rather, it is acknowledgement.

– Forgiveness is nothing but refusal to allow the hurt to control you anymore.

-Acknowledgement can also mean acceptance of the fact that you are hurt by them, whether knowingly or unknowingly and none of that is your fault.

-My dear demons, you will always be proved wrong, whenever you try to show me how I am not loved. I’m loved and I am aware of it. I recommend you to run and never return!

-You don’t come to this world with heartbreak, neither do you leave this world with it. Why should you live with it, then? Your world has much better things and you deserve to have them all.

-I might not be able to find someone like you, might as well look for your reflection in every person I meet, but I am neither lonely nor sad.

-I am proud of you, and your departure since you were the best one that I loved.

-Let the storm that has raged in your heart thunder and destruct, but later you will find sunshine and a new life and peace from within.

-You want the chaos to destroy you, and let the storm rage within you and destroy you, but I won’t.

Dear Stranger I Know How You Feel Quotes

– You want to be left alone, and not loved but I am going to stand by you and stop you from entering the darkness and challenge you to destroy the both of us.

-This is a generation of confused, broken hearts, you say? Which one wasn’t anyway? So don’t worry, we must find our way too.

-We are in love, and in a hope to hold on a little more.

-You will find stars alongside the darkness gifted to you.

-We might not meet, but still cover miles in parallel lines to infinity and beyond.

-I am the light to a dark soul and beautiful in my own chaos.

-You hold me near even when you know I cannot be healed anymore.

-You think you have nothing to fix, and I know my prayers shall reach you, and the magic of souls might just do the trick.

-You shall always return to me, your home.

-I can remove the stars if all you want is darkness. But my heart, I cannot stop glowing for you. 

-Say it before it is too late, love before it is over, feel before it gets ended, and holds before it is out of your hands.

-Dreams live forever and they might go away from you if all you do is think and not do.

-Telling your children stories of your success must involve the things that have made you attain bliss.

-Life is not about the times you have failed. Try and try because every time you do, you shall multiply your effort.

-I wish to be what you are to me: my happiness, my morning cup of coffee, and a book I love.

-The universe has its ways, the world has caused you pain but the universe shall not.

-We are no one but travelers in the way of life, and we must choose nothing but love because, in the end, it is the only thing not chaotic.

-It is not impossible to find happiness and we must strive for it daily.

-I am writing about a broken world that needs to be fixed, and it might not seem so.

-You can if you may fall apart, and need not answer anyone else.

-I understand you are unable to expect anything from someone else since you yourself do not know what to make out of yourself.

-I will be with you till the end even when you cannot decide what to feel and I will hold on to you, forever.

-Please be kind, to yourself and your surroundings, today, tomorrow, and every day.

-You deserve everything, dear stranger, for I know and I accept that I love you.

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