David Bowie Personality Type: Myers-Briggs Type Analysis

Step into a world where music transcends boundaries, fashion becomes art, and self-expression takes on new dimensions. At the center of this universe stands the enigmatic figure of David Bowie, born on January 8, 1947, a luminary who effortlessly embodied the roles of songwriter, actor, and singer.

Throughout his illustrious career, Bowie’s impact on pop music, particularly in the 1970s, was unparalleled.

His albums shattered sales records, solidifying his status as one of the era’s foremost artists. Yet Bowie’s influence extended far beyond commercial success, as he personified artistic evolution and fearlessly embraced experimentation.

Hailing from South London, Bowie’s musical fascination began in his early years. His journey as a professional musician commenced in 1963, but it was in 1969 that he unveiled a masterpiece that would define his true identity.

Bowie’s trajectory soared to unmatched heights from that pivotal moment, inspiring countless individuals worldwide.

Shaped by his childhood admiration for the legendary Elvis Presley, Bowie’s passion for music sparked a distinctive flame, igniting a trail of innovation that forever altered the landscape of popular culture.

Embark on an exploration of the captivating world of David Bowie—an artist whose limitless creativity defies definition. From his mesmerizing music to his shape-shifting personas, join us as we uncover the essence of this extraordinary personality, leaving no aspect unexplored.

Prepare to journey through time, where the spirit of Bowie lives on, captivating generation after generation.

David Bowie: A Complex Personality

Overview Of David Bowie’s Life And Career:

  • Born David Robert Jones on January 8, 1947.
  • Influential English musician, singer-songwriter, and actor.
  • Explored various genres, including rock, pop, glam rock, and electronic music.
  • Breakthrough with the album “Space Oddity” in the late 1960s.
  • He is known for reinventing himself and adopting different personas.

Enigmatic Persona Of David Bowie:

  • Constantly blurred the lines between public and private life.
  • Challenged conventions and explored new artistic territories.
  • Embraced duality and challenged gender boundaries.
  • Maintained an aura of mystery through deliberate elusiveness.
  • Respected for kindness, intellect, and continuous artistic evolution.

David Bowie’s Personality Type

Personality experts believe that David Bowie was an INFP. It means introverted, intuitive, feeling, and perceiving. 

Due to this personality type, he was in harmony with himself. Even though he achieved great success, he still had a down-to-earth personality. He believed in supporting people. He had a thought, helping someone can make someone’s life good. 

So, he always tried his best to practice compassion in the required situations. Here are some of his personality and life facts you must know.

  • Bowie was quite emotional by nature. People with this personality type are generally emotional and listen to their hearts.
  • Also, they show that they don’t need attention but crave importance from within. People with this personality like to be invited to a party, even though they would generally now show up.
  • He had characteristics such as positivity, sensitivity, curiosity, forward-thinking, etc., which are seen in INFP personality types. He never wanted to hurt anyone intentionally. The credit for this goes to the sensitivity that he held. 
  • During his lifetime, he saw a set of struggles and even the best of times. But, he intended to create great art-works and make the world a better place. As an INFP, he was sure about his values, and he never compromised on that. 
  • He had a good childhood and had great support from his father. When his father realized that he was interested in music, he took him to meet a few music stars. David formed his first music band when he was 15. He had named the band The Konrads. 

David Bowie loved to stay active musically, even while he was old. He was diagnosed with liver cancer, and still, he preferred performing. 

Just after celebrating his 69th birthday, he passed away in a couple of days. He lost his life in 2016.

Many other personalities have similar personality traits. David Bowie was an INFP who perceived good in people and came up with the best moments in his career. David Bowie was a focused music artist whose love for music increased with time.

Possible MBTI types for David Bowie:

ENFP (Extraversion, Intuition, Feeling, Perceiving):

ENFPs are often described as enthusiastic, creative, and innovative.

They possess a strong imagination and enjoy exploring new possibilities, which aligns with Bowie’s artistic and experimental nature.

ENFPs are also known for their charismatic and energetic presence, traits that Bowie often displayed.

INFJ (Introversion, Intuition, Feeling, Judging):

INFJs are known for their depth of insight, empathy, and creativity. They have a strong sense of purpose and often pursue artistic or humanitarian endeavors.

Bowie’s introspective and introspective lyrics and his interest in spirituality and mysticism align with some aspects of the INFJ type.

Enneagram types that align with Bowie’s personality:

Type Four (The Individualist):

Type Fours are often characterized as creative, introspective, and unique. They have a strong desire to express their individuality and are driven by a need to find their authentic self.

Bowie’s constant reinvention, exploration of various personas, and ability to convey deep emotions through his art resonate with the characteristics of Type Four.

Type Seven (The Enthusiast):

Type Sevens are known for their adventurous nature, desire for new experiences, and ability to bring others joy and enthusiasm.

Bowie’s relentless pursuit of new musical styles, his fascination with different cultures, and his ability to captivate audiences align with the traits of Type Seven.

David Bowie’s Personality Traits

David Bowie was a curious person who always wanted to learn something new. He was interested in music and continued when he excelled. But, he was shy, which sometimes made him feel excluded. 

He had empathy within him and was content and satisfied with what he was. Here are some of David Bowie’s Personality Traits possessed.


He liked to understand the different forms of music and enhance his learning in the same field. He was enthusiastic, energetic, and curious.


He was empathetic, caring, and sensitive. He treated people with respect and expected the same in return. 


David Bowie was an introvert and stayed aloof from people. He was creative and intelligent and preferred staying in his world. He was an ultimate dreamer and gave his cent percent to his art.


He was a positive person and followed his heart in many instances. He also had an excellent focus and knew what he did was right.

He, therefore, followed his instincts and stayed ahead of others. He could find good in any situation. He would preach goodness to people.


He loved to anticipate things. He had forward thinking. He knew what kind of things people would like; he created that kind of music. His actions were positive and focused on action orientation.


He understood in childhood that he wanted to make a career in music. Therefore, he always maintained his focus and concentrated on climbing the ladder. His direction made him a star.

Key Takeaways

  • Bowie’s Impact: David Bowie’s influence on pop music was unparalleled, as he personified artistic evolution and fearlessly embraced experimentation.
  • Enigmatic Persona: Bowie challenged conventions, embraced a duality, and maintained an aura of mystery through deliberate elusiveness.
  • INFP Personality Type: Bowie had an INFP personality type characterized by harmony, emotional traits, and strong values.
  • Constant Reinvention: Bowie’s constant reinvention showcased his creativity and innovation.
  • Personal Traits: Bowie possessed traits such as curiosity, sensitivity, introversion, positivity, forward-thinking, and focus.


How did David Bowie impact pop music?

David Bowie had an unparalleled impact on pop music by embodying artistic evolution and fearlessly experimenting with his music.

How did David Bowie constantly reinvent himself?

David Bowie constantly reinvented himself by adopting different personas and exploring new artistic territories throughout his career.

What was David Bowie’s approach to compassion and kindness?

As an INFP, David Bowie believed in practicing compassion and kindness, seeking to positively impact others’ lives.

How did David Bowie’s constant curiosity shape his music career?

Bowie’s curiosity drove him to explore different forms of music and continuously learn, leading to his innovative and ever-evolving musical style.

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