65+ Dark Psychology Quotes

The book “Dark Psychology” by Edward Williams gives us an insight to the positive approach in life. It is a detailed book on based on mind control, describing how we can read the minds of other people, manipulate them, listen, understand, feel and control other people’s emotions. 

Dark Psychology Quotes

-You think you their life is easier for other people? Live their live one day and you will be able to make up what challenges and hurdles they face in their day to day lives.

-When you make your friend do something against his or her will, it is not called convincing. It is basically called manipulating.

-People do not become successful due to their good luck. People achieve success only when they start believing in themselves.

-Truth is such a thing that almost no one wants to accept in this world.

-Learn the way to talk to people. It can change your life.

-People think of manipulation as a taboo technique that others use to achieve what they want in their lives. But it is not at all close to how it actually is.

-If you are able to read someone’s mind then you will be the master of their thoughts and emotions.

-Mind reading, mind control, manipulation are not immoral things. They just need to be used and utilized in a proper and healthy way.

-You do not have to be insecure of the fact that whether people are reading your brain or not. You are smart enough to know when they will be taking any sort of advantage of yours.

-Try to learn psychology if you want to read other people’s minds.

-Letting go on some things is normal in life. Nobody has the complete knowledge of every single thing that is available on the planet.

-Do not get too happy if you have not witnessed anything horrible in your life yet. All days are not the same.

-Watch other people working hard to earn the achievements. It will make you work harder than them.

-Even if you are the kindest person in the world, at the end of the day you are bound to be a little selfish.

-You feel safe only when you understand something or something that makes sense to you.

-Getting control of someone’s mind is easy. But keeping in touch with that mind with the correct use of words is difficult enough.

Dark Psychology Quotes

-Before you move on to control someone’s brain, you will have to learn to control yourself. If you get nervous then the mind of the other person is going to be a massacre.

-Never underestimate yourself even as a kid. A kid may do a lot of things which is sometimes even impossible for the adults.

-Your imagination and the belief towards it, brings you near to your success itself.

-When you are confident enough to face your problems, you stop running away from them and that is what helps you to grow.

-When you are tension, sit back and relax. Take enough breaths as that helps you to let out the stress in your mind and body.

-Sometimes it is not about controlling the emotions inside you. It is all about letting it out.

-Find something or someone that amuses you or entertains you. Focusing only on your goals all the time can have bad influences on your physical and mental health.

-Your character is defined by the deeds and actions you perform in life.

-Do not suppress your happy self under the fear of societal judgment. Your happiness and joy is only yours and nobody else’s.

-The power of perception comes from the infinite knowledge that we store in ourselves.

-Try to be a good listener than a good speaker. It is rarely seen nowadays.

-Overcoming your first obstacle or problem gives a boost to your confidence to face much tougher hurdles in the near future.

-Never step back from making mistakes, everybody does it. The main thing is to remember them and not commit them again in future.

-Eye contact is an important attribute when it comes to mind reading. It gives the subject a reason to believe you and let themselves to be controlled by you.

-In today’s world, mental safety has to be given a little more importance than the physical safety.

-Body language speaks a lot about a person even without using words. Having a good body language always gives you an upper hand in any kind of a situation.

-It is always not necessary for people to speak or use words when they want to say something. Sometimes, their actions and their body language is enough to infer that.

-Framing plays an integral role in lying. If you can’t frame a lie, you can never be a good liar.

-When you are speaking with someone, know that you both have something or some interest in common. Else there would not have been any conversation.

-Train yourself in a certain way so that when someone tries to manipulate you, they return as a failure.

-Just as a house is built by putting a brick at a time, mind reading skill is achieved with continuous hard work, patience and confidence.

-Always try to avoid yourself from directly jumping into the conclusion when you are not cent percent sure about it.

-Refusing your failures and not accepting them is never going to help you become successful in life. Always try to accept, mend and move forward in the journey that is your own.

-Thinking constantly and questioning yourself constantly is what helps you build yourself up and lets you attain and achieve growth in your life.

-The more you communicate with people, the more knowledge you get and the more successful you can be. This is because sometimes, opinions of other people tend to be better than yours.

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