15+ Daily Time Management Tricks That You Can Use

No matter who you are, you have 24 hours in a day but still, there are some people who get the most out of it whereas you feel like you don’t. 

Those people don’t have any kind of power that helps in slowing down their time, however, they do know how to manage it and control their use.

This is a skill called Time management, which you can learn too. To make it easier to use and applicable in daily life, here are some of the tricks you can consider using. 

Track And Note Your Time 

Well, the first thing that is advisable before you start time management to apply in your daily life is to do a time audit. 

This trick can help you in tracking the time and where you are spending it, doing what work, and for what result. 

Even though a time audit is a basic step, it is also a useful trick. When you are following your time management schedule, also track the time, so you have a clear report on where you are spending time. 

It helps in understanding if you are spending time on the right thing and making adjustments. 

Make Use Of To-Do List, Without Abandon Tasks 

Having what you need to do written in one place can help you in focusing better. Also, you know exactly what to do next which saves time. 

Having a To-Do List can help you in writing each goal or project, listing the steps that are needed for accomplishing it. 

Aside from helping you to focus, it also helps in motivating in knowing where you are, what you achieved, and what you remain to do. 

Plan Ahead To Be Ready 

Having a plan helps you in keeping your mind ready for the tasks you require to do. This helps in focusing better which leads to following your time management schedule better. 

One of the worst things that can happen is when you wake up in the morning without having any plan for your day. 

When you don’t have a plan, you wander aimlessly and focus on matters which are trivial, leaving the important work unattended. 

That’s why you should plan ahead, it’s not important that you follow everything from it but having one can help and you can adjust too. 

Set Time Limit To Avoid Time Waste 

Especially to those who have no idea how much time you spent on a task, it’s important that you limit your tasks. 

This is also helpful if you easily get distracted or procrastinate a lot. 

For example, if you have to write your blog, the time limit is two hours. And focus on getting it done before the time up. 

Even though there are chances that you might need more time, still you will have done a lot of work. 

Eliminate  On Leaving Half Work For Later 

It’s difficult to focus without getting distracted especially when you are surrounded by things that attract your attention. 

Even though you feel like checking email or messages quickly will not affect you much, it still makes your brain lose focus on tasks, and to regain it back, it takes time.

So it’s important you are not leaving your work in the middle for something else. 

It can be something like : 

  • You are writing an important blog or report, but stop randomly checking your phone without having any reason. 
  • You are trying the new routine workout but switch to something else after a few days because you read something online. 
  • While talking on the phone, you are thinking about the email you need to send. 

When you have half work, your mind continuously engages with those tasks, this makes it difficult to focus completely on new tasks which lead to the piece of work you need to get it done. 

So focus on removing distractions around you, and keep your mind on getting the task you have in hand first. 

Use Sunday For Planning 

Instead of using your weekdays where you actually have to work, use Sunday for doing the planning. 

It’s your free day and it can help you in get relaxed which helps in managing time better. 

Also, your Monday should start with a work brain mindset to be productive, the load of planning on a similar day can be too much. 

It doesn’t mean that you have to spend your whole Sunday on this. Take a few minutes or hours on planning your week. This also helps in success by breaking down the goals into daily tasks. 

Here are some of the points that you can consider : 

  • Set the success panning by scheduling the low property taxes for Friday. 
  • It’s important to notice how your energy and creative levels fluctuate on what days. 
  • Focus on getting done those tasks which need creativity and are too demanding on Tuesday and Wednesday. 
  • If there are meetings, you can schedule them on Thursdays as during this day the energy starts to decline.
  • Use Friday and Monday for networking and planning. 

Understand The Concept Of Biological Prime Time or Golden Hours 

Well, your biological prime time is a time of day when your body feels more energetic and it’s a great potential to be more productive. 

This is also known as Golden hours where you can get more work done and in better ways as compared to the rest of your hours. 

To calculate your prime time, you need to chart the energy level for three weeks at least. Record your time and drop both, see when you feel those energetic boosts and slump to schedule the activities which need the highest energy from you. 

Take Help Of Swiss Cheese Method For Large Tasks 

When you have tasks that are too much for you and it makes you feel ashamed as you don’t know where to start. 

Use the Swiss cheese method which is coined by Alan Lakiein, this helps in breaking down the larger projects into smaller tasks or time chunks. 

You can focus on completing those chunks or use a 15-minute time block to overcome the overwhelming feeling and get work done. 

This can help you in doing daunting tasks and make you feel less worried about how you are going to do it. 

Include “ Done List “ To Your To-Do Lis

When you are creating your to-do list, also add the ‘ done list ‘. This will help you in tracking those works you did. 

It’s important to boost your confidence as you add more tasks that you have completed 

Also no matter how detailed you do planning, there will be some unexpected tasks that might pop up. 

So on Sunday, you can revisit the Done list and see what accomplishments you did in your whole week. 

Also, you can understand how you can plan your schedule for next week. 

Try To Be One Day Early 

Working under the intense pressure of deadlines is best as a lot of people believe in that way and do work until the day before it’s due. 

However not always it will work for you. It can make you tired, affect productivity and cause burnout if you do it more often. 

To get rid of this, plan on completing the work one day before your schedule. 

This also helps you in completing the work but also keeps you one day ahead of schedule. 

Don’t Waste Your Waiting Times 

It happens a lot, you have to wait. It can be in line, waiting rooms, train stations, airport terminals, doctor appointments, etc. 

Use this time for answering the emails, and you can use it with your phone. Also if you had any missed calls and messages that you needed to catch up on, you can do it too. 

Not just that, carry a book or e-reader when you are going out. So when you are waiting for something, you can use the idle time for reading. 

Don’t Avoid Organizing The Emails 

No matter how much you want to avoid it, this is important for making the best out of your time. When you have cluttered inboxes, this is where time stinks. 

It’s best to speed up email communication and help you in wasting less time. 

Gmail offers you a wide range of features that can help you in organizing your email. 

Here are some of the tricks for organizing the emails : 

  • Archive emails that might contain important information but these are not something you need to answer first. 
  • Create the labels which are actionable, it can be something like NEEDS ACTION, WAITING, URGENT, etc. 
  • Use the filters so it can automatically assign labels for incoming mail based on who is sending it or some information or keyword that the email contains. 
  • You can also label the newsletter by setting up the filter for emails that have words like Unsubscribe. 
  • You can also enable canned responses and use the create templates that you sent more than twice.

Stick With Doing No Multitask 

Multitasking is not good, it has a negative impact on your productivity. Also according to research, if you are multitasking this will give you difficulty advertising the discretion instead of focusing on your counterparts. 

Also, it impacts your cognitive ability,  So when you are doing a task, just stick with one task and do it. Put a timer so you have an idea of how long it will take to complete. 

Focus On Doing The Exercises 

Well for managing your time, it’s important that you focus on your health too. 

That’s why physical activity has an important role in your productivity. According to the study participants,  it’s a 72% improvement in time management as well as workload completion after they do the workday exercise to routines. 

You can even add the short and intense sessions for exercise which help you better instead of doing longer ones. 

So do exercise on a daily basis and you can help your body to stay more active. 

Don’t Ignore Your Sleep 

It’s extremely common that people sacrifice some hours of their sleep to get their product deadline. Especially when you are working with deadlines that you should focus on. 

Sometimes it’s alright but not always, and it will affect your whole productivity which impacts time management too. 

According to scientists, sleeping less can create more time for tasks but also negatively impact the short and long run. 

So when you are feeling tired, you will procrastinate more and get distracted faster. 

That’s why you need to have eight hours of sleep even if you have a deadline. 

Make Sure You Have Relaxation Time But With Schedule 

When you are working, your body goes through this process which is called the Effort Recovery model. 

During your regular workday, you need to make an effort to complete the tasks.  For this, your body responds by accelerating your heart rate, elevating the blood pressure level which also causes fatigue and stress to the body. 

So you need time to recover from it after the end of the workday. Also if you fail to do it, this will impact you mentally and physiologically too. 

Not just that, you need to turn off the brain and it will keep your brain healthy and future productivity. 

You can also add activities like meditation and yoga for relaxing your mind and body. 

However make sure that you have scheduled time for this too, so you won’t get too much time wasted on that too. 

Remember Your Time Belongs To You 

For some reason, people tend to forget that their time belongs to them, not others. 

So focus on what is actually important. And if there is anything that you need to work on, no matter what others want you to do for them, focus on getting your work done first. 

So your time is precious and doesn’t waste it on tasks or projects which do not align with the work you want to do. 

Learn how to say no, also keep it professional and clear. This is also important in how you respond, so you can simply say that you will get back to them after you check the schedule.

Daily Time Management Tricks That You Can Use

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