“Clearer, Closer, Better” Book Summary + Lessons + Inspiring Quotes

“Clearer, Closer, Better: How Successful People See the World” by Emily Balcetis is a very inspirational book about leadership.

The book discovers approaches that help in overcoming the challenges an individual faces on the path to success. It gives out the methods used by different successful personalities.

Here are some profound quotes from “Clearer, Closer, Better”: 

-Awareness of one’s power of framing helps them improve their abilities, overcome their fears and enhance their relationships.

-It is always the basic tools of leadership that function in every task.

-We achieve our goals when we challenge ourselves to see them from a different point of view.

-You see your life from a different perspective when you start investigating numerous strategies.

-When you look into your emotional experience, you have a better comprehension of your life’s objectives.

-Everything in this world has different approaches. There is never one right way for anything.

-The path to our goals becomes clearer when we get an understanding of how we recognize the world around us.

-Sometimes it takes a closer look at things to make them look different. 

-In eradicating our obstacles, it is our mental state that has a bigger influence than our physical abilities.

-It is never the fact that a job is pretty easy or very challenging to complete, it is always the belief that ‘we can do it’ which makes the difference.

-A true leader never sets his goal too high, it is one of the most fatal flaws you commit while you are pursuing your goal. 

-Targets set at levels that are moderately challenging but not impossible are the ones that encourage you.

-Narrow your focus to achieve what you truly aimed at.

-If perspective is a part of the problem, remember that it is also part of your solution.

-When you wish to become a great leader in the future, you have to see yourself as a leader in the present to achieve the same.

-Make decisions accordingly so that they help you in the long run. This strategy minimizes the distance of your goal.

-Never focus on your short-term benefits, they might cost you a lot in the long run.

-Increase the odds of meeting your target when you prepare for your success in a full and complete manner.

-Set your endpoint. You cannot start your journey towards success if you have no idea where you are going to end up.

-To self-assure yourself that you can get there, you have to visualize the same.

-What helps in decision making and reaching the desired goal is materializing one’s goals. It is a tool that leaders use in their lives.

-Only visualizing goals does not make you achieve success, an action plan and motivation to accomplish it makes you achieve them.

-Always accept the possibility or even minor chances of failure. When failure happens, embrace it.

-When the targets are difficult to meet, considering the challenges and planning solutions lead to more progress on those specific targets.

-Before we start pursuing our goals, it is beneficial to run through our own checks to make sure we have set ourselves up for success.

-Despite differences and difficulties what helps you achieve things is the sheer power of practice. 

-Our goals make us realize all the time we lost and help in scheduling our time accurately.

-Track your progress on a micro-level. This helps in knowing the actual developments a person has made and aspires them.

-Surround yourself with illustrations of inspiration and proof of what you have manifested.

-We aspire towards satisfaction because that is what keeps us motivated.

-Acknowledging others’ emotional expressions for what they really are rather than what we want them to make the difference between landing the deal and losing it.

-If we know where to look for, half of our job is done.

-It is important to understand that failures do not define a person rather they are a part of a person’s development.

-A healthy mental state recognizes a person’s mistake as an opportunity to grow. It does not mark the person as incapable of achieving a certain thing.

-One of the key ingredients of becoming a true leader is mental toughness and strong belief.

-As a leader, it is very important for you to structure feedback to compliment the people working under your leadership.

-Avoid temptations in your life. Temptations catch our attention and tend to occupy our minds, distracting us from our main aim.

-Introspection is very valuable for achieving a goal. It helps you feel the progress you made at that very moment.

-It’s only by stepping back to see what we have achieved till now, and considering our choices contrasted against one another, that patterns appear and we feel the motivational impact.

-Sometimes narrow focus would not help, at these times you have to broaden your band of attention.

-Wide perspectives help in aligning our decision with our long-term objectives.

-If you want to succeed, it is necessary to defeat the tendency to underestimate what it takes to get a task done.

-Every single day gives you chance to make something happen that matters. So remember every day counts.

-It is not a random choice, but a carefully crafted selection, which highlights the interesting aspects of our experience.

-In order to make better decisions in your life you have to remember the bad alongside the good things. That is what keeps you happy.

-Rejection is an important part of your journey. As someone who has faced rejection knows that those feelings do not last forever.

-Do not get stuck in thinking that there’s only one way to success. Open your mind, broaden your attention and discover various paths to success.

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