“Chase Your Life Dreams” Book Summary + Lessons + Inspiring Quotes

The book “Chase Your Life Dreams: Thoughts to change your destiny” is written by Alka Dixit. The book focuses on thoughts that human beings have in their daily life. The book also guides you to stay focused throughout and have your own destiny. The book is one of the best sellers in the country and is recommended for the younger generation. 

Chase Dream Quotes

-A person is often made by his thoughts.

-Sometimes we are ruled by our thoughts.

-You always have the chance to become the master or the slave and the choice is always yours.

-To become the master you need to have the good thoughts and have the capability to control it.

-Sometimes you need to categorize and acknowledge your thoughts.

-You must learn to differentiate your thoughts and decide on which to move on.

-Sometimes there is no benefit of sharing the problems with someone and hence it is better to keep it within us.

-There are numerous ways to deal with fraud people and you should choose your own way.

-When you share a problem with some other person, you also analyse the problem at the same time and start taking actions from the moment.

-Sometimes people focus on one thought all the time because a small thought takes up a lot of space inside the brain and in this situation you miss out on many more important things.

-Negative thoughts are very dangerous to humans and they always try to pull a person down and hence it is recommended to stay away from it.

-There are many people who think that they are superior and they don’t require any help from others but the fact is they are the most insecure persons and they are always unhappy.

-Sometimes people are right but you should not feel bad because everybody has their own thinking abilities for which they are correct.

-Try to develop a thick skinned attitude in the offices or else you will be pissed by the work.

-Sometimes the negative things turn into positive things and these are very rare.

-Every person requires analysis of his thoughts and he should do it in a cool mind without getting disturbed.

-Always try to avoid people and not listen to them who try to create misunderstandings with you because you will be more stressed with unnecessary issues.

-To maintain the peace of the doubt you may require to give the benefit of doubt and there is no harm in it.

-Maximum people do things unintentionally and you should always forgive them.

-A person should never be judged by his external appearances because most of the time they are misleading it and you may end up with wrong judgement.

-Never expect anyone to do things for you in a perfect manner because there is no one who can do everything in such a manner without any mistakes.

-You may open the door to the beginnings that are very beautiful by giving benefit of doubts to others and it is considered as the best thing.

-Always try to have a beautiful relationship by giving the benefit of doubt if required.

Chase Dream Quotes

-The key to a long lasting relationship is to accept your partner with certain imperfections and it is better than many fake relationships.

-Every person is judged by the way he treats other people so always try to treat everyone well with a smile.

-It is not very difficult to provoke someone but it is never fruitful and it will never give you success. 

-Ego is an important factor and sometimes it is boosted by certain things and you can achieve a lot of things with it.

-There are some people who think they are very special in this world and they hardly respect others for this reason.

-Everyone will die one day so there is no point in fighting unnecessary with others.

-Every person has feelings and we should give respect to other persons and it is necessary to understand it soon.

-Swollen ego is very dangerous and never try to satisfy it as it can be very dangerous and it can cause more damage to you.

-If you maintain proper relations with others you will definitely get self respect from others.

-You have the beauty inside you and you need to find it.

-Criticizing and encouraging are the two sides of the coin and both are important in one’s life.

-You will create a world full of miseries if you see the world in negativity.

-Every person should know the things that can change their mood from happy to sad and from sad to happy and they can use it accordingly.

-You don’t need to do some extraordinary things to get respect in life.

-The world is always made up of good and evil people.

-You should allow the good things inside you come out and grow more and upgrade and at the same time allow the bad things to leave you.

-You need to water the inner world to be the happiest people in the world.

-If you are very busy in social life and always give more time to social media than real world, then you can’t have a fulfilled and contented life ever.

-Do not be over sensitive and thin skinned because you will get more stress in this.

-Most of the time someone’s suggestion for some person is surveyed as wrong so it is better to listen to yourself and work accordingly.

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