Charismatic Leadership Characteristics

There are different leadership styles that leaders follow, which helps in achieving success and maintaining the company culture.

Also, in the corporate world, where everything is fast-paced, it’s important to evolve, and the same goes for leadership qualities.

However, choosing the one among the multiple can be challenging; there are different ones that you should know.

Charismatic leadership is one of the styles that are designed to inspire and influence others so they can do the work in the best way possible.

But before you start, it’s important to understand its basics and other related points to know if it’s for you or not.

Charismatic Leadership Is The Most Powerful Way To Lead

Well, charismatic leaders focus on themselves. The ability is to communicate, be comfortable, and influence others without trying to become someone else.

Charisma takes time, and it’s a process that makes the leader comfortable in their own skin.

Also, the quality requires the transformation from what you have a vision of into what you want to turn into reality.

It is precisely what the leader or manager should follow.

The leaders who follow charismatic leadership have a better vision, politics, and capability to address the audience and convince them by making a speech.

qualities of charismatic leaders have

Along with this, it focuses on the leader and their personality and actions instead of the structure or the process.


Charismatic leaders have confidence and healthy self-esteem that make their confidence and presence strong when they are in the room.

Creating Connections

Charismatic leaders often have emotional sensitivity which makes it easy in bonding with people. Also, it makes it easier to create meaningful connections.

Emotional control

Also, they understand how to use their own emotions while in conversation, and it helps them in having complete control while they talk.

Managing Social Situations

The leaders have an easy way to adapt and manage the situation when they are socially interacting. It makes it easier to make other people comfortable while they are at it.


Such leaders have servant leadership and transformational leadership principles.

Here they put themselves in the shoes of others, and understand what they will need.

Self Awareness

Charismatics leaders have the ability that helps in monitoring their own selves. They are focused on improving themselves and portraying the right image of themselves in others.

Body Language

The thing that charismatic leaders have is the boots language that they always keep it positive.

Also, they keep their appearance open, warm, and full of joy.

Apart from this, they keep their eye contact while they talk with people and keep a confident smile on their faces.

The power of charismatic leadership for a small business

Not just the charismatic leadership have its benefits, but also there are lots of reasons why it’s needed in the business

To know more about this, here are a few of the listed benefits that you can consider while choosing the leadership style.

  • Charismatic leaders work toward making the quality of life.
  • Also, they are different from other people who work in the company as they make life better for them as well.
  • They have the courage that helps in conviction.
  • The leaders stand for those who have opinions different from the society as well as the organization.
  • They fill the communication gaps that occur between the organization and employees.
  • The leaders are helpful in promoting team building and collaboration.
  • They help in motivating the employees and inspire them to be better versioned and do higher productivity.

Characteristics of Charismatic leadership That Motivates Employees

There are different charities that the leaders follow when they choose this type of style for their leadership.

Here are a few of mentioned ones that require, it includes :

characteristics of charismatic leadership


The leaders hold refined skills, which makes them ideal to have communication.

They help employees through the hard times and make them grounded so they can be motivated and successfully get over the tough times.

Those who choose this should be qualified to have the one-to-one meeting and communication when they are in a group.

Also, they need to hear everyone as well as messages sold that have relevance, understanding, and clarity that the employees can follow.


The leaders have strength as well as powerful personalities, but charismatic leaders display the maturity.  

They don’t believe when it comes to making blanket statements. However, they know how to accumulate their knowledge and experience related to business, so others, as well as companies, can grow.

They show respect and welcome individuals who belong to different races, cultures, ethnicities, sexualities, etc.

In order to show maturity, leaders should not be afraid when it comes to accepting mistakes and refrain from everything at face value.

The learning lessons that they gain through mistakes should be used to have the opportunity from others.


Charismatic leader exists without having the sustain, but it doesn’t stay for a very long time.

The glitzy and glamorous appearance sure catches the attention, but the employee is required to have a substantial facade that can be beneath the façade.

Also, these leaders have the authentic and endearing swagger which inspires others to act as their role models.

Listening Skills

Charismatic leaders also have one of the characteristics which are needed in business most is good listening skills.

Since they are good listeners, they don’t fidget or friend when someone is talking to them.

Also, the leaders are engaged while having the conversation and keep everything carefully.

Apart from this, they have empathy and respect if the person has concerns over something.

Advantages of Charismatic Leadership

Charismatic leadership has different benefits that the leader carries, however, to know more about it, here are the points that can help you.

Pros Of Charismatic Leadership Style 

Creates The Appeal Emotionally

Well, one of the strong advantages that this style has is crying the emotional appeal. These leaders see the dreams they had once in someone else too.

Also, they inspire them to reach and make their own dream come true, and these leaders show the chances that can make someone else bigger.

Not just that, they require people to follow them because they have an emotional connection between them as well as leaders.

When a strong connection is established, it also brings strong loyalty as well.

Shares The Vision And Think Different

When charismatic leaders share what their visions are, it gives the opportunity for others to think about their subjects differently.

Also, it helps others in making what ideas they have bigger and more achievable.

It might sometimes need the lead of faith, but when the message is strongly conveyed, people are more willing to take the risk.

Positive Impact On Society

Well, charismatic leaders help in changing the world; some of the leaders are Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi,  Steve Jobs, etc., examples of positive, charismatic leaders.

The leaders have a strong influence that can be used to share the message and create a positive impact on people and change what is needed in society.

Decreases The Turnover Rates

Employers and team members are required to have charismatic leaders, especially when they are going through problems or high attrition rates.

Also, they feel connected with such leaders more than the company itself.

Such leaders make the workplace more welcoming and warm, which makes employees work better.

They encourage better communication and connection with leaders, which helps in reducing turnover rates.

Making Learning Process Crucial

Charismatic leaders have the understanding that no one in this world is perfect. They don’t seek perfection in projects, either.

Also, the leaders want the team, as well as the flowers, to learn from the mistakes they made. Also, to own what mistakes they made.

Boost The Loyalty In Employees

Charismatic leaders are easy to adapt to and motivating when it comes to others.

Apart from this, they have the talent to encourage, which helps in boosting employee loyalty as well as commitment.

The goal here is to make them feel talented and work important. It also boosts the turnover and could decrease and help the people to do their best.

Creating The Shared Identity

When people share their identity as a group, it can make things impossible to achieve easily.

Also, leaders have power over people which motivates them to make changes in a short time period.

As for the team, it makes them stronger to approach different projects and situations.

Boosting The Productivity

The leaders are skilled at gaining the trust and respect of others, and they also adhere to the higher expectations that make them charismatic leaders.

With this, they can successfully get higher productivity and better quality at work.

Disadvantages of Charismatic Leadership

Even though leadership has its positive sides, there are negative aspects as well.

However, here are the important points for you.

Cons Of Charismatic Leadership Style 

Too Much Dependence On Leader Energy

Charismatic leadership has to center the energy of the involved individuals.

However, encouraging people to follow their specific visions and dreams can be exhausting.

If the leader starts to have the energy that begins to sink, it will have an effect on the number of people who want to follow them.

Apart from this, if the energy seems to be depressed for a long time, there are chances that the people might abandon the vision.

This is why a lot of leaders feel burnout from time to time, as they have to carry the emotional load.

The Yes Man Setting

The personality of the leaders is supposed to turn the admires to the followers; it’s easier for them to get more people who have the yes men culture.

This can lead to the leader who might ignore the challenge that implementation of plans is less, instead of that it is favorable.

Changes in The Value System  Of Followers

In the initial days, people might follow the leaders because they share the same goals, however over time, it can change the personality, value system as well as spiritual definition of the individual who is following the charismatic leader,

Also, they might start agreeing on things that they don’t usually do; the charisma offered by the leaders is what it will take to reach the results they want.

It Might Be a Selfish Ambition

The best example that can be taken of how charismatic leadership can cause harm is Adolf Hitler.

That’s why it’s important to not use leadership for selfish means.

Leadership Doesn’t Fit The Rigid Structure

Charismatic leaders tend to pause what their visions are at the expense of the rules and regulations.

However, even though it’s not a bad thing, it can be hard to handle.

Also, charismatic leaders have the tendency to choose their own things instead of following the rules and regulations.

Prevent The Opportunities For New Learning

Well, the leaders have a way of convincing others to follow the dream they have and follow the vision.

Also, it might make people abandon their own dreams, plans, and creativity because they believe something is much better than what they planned.

Here they depend on the visions of others instead of following new growth of opportunities.

This stops them from becoming a better version of themselves, and instead of that, they focus on making the leader better and stronger.

Company Suffers If They Suppose To Leave

However, the fault of the leaders might be personal, but if they decide to leave the company, it will cause great problems and make others suffer.

The leaders are the backbone of the company, so it causes dependency on their ability, and when they depart, it might end up causing a hole that no one can fill.

Lack Of The Clarity

One of the problems that the leadership has is the lack of clarity as the leader gets too caught up in their own vision and way of doing things.

Also, it gives control to the leaders, making them unable to see the poetical danger that the company might be in.

Confidence sometimes doesn’t work for others as well as businesses, and when they don’t have clarity over such things, it makes them lose the potential threats that can cause great damage to the financial welfare of the company.

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