C Type Personality From Disc Profile Explained

C-style is one of the profiles from the DISC’s four personalities. It includes D style, I style, and S Style profiles.

The DISC type is driven by William Marston‘s DISC Models.

Also, it makes up more than 31% of the population worldwide.

To understand that, it is important to understand that there is no better or worse disc type. And they all have their strengths and weaknesses, along with the development areas.

To understand more about C type, here is what can help you.

What To Know About C- Style Profile Type?

C style profile is also known as Correctness. Well, the personality tends to be more reserved and analytical.

  • They can be detailed as the facts are important for them.
  • They take the proofs and information seriously. Also, hold these is very important
  • C style tends to be cautious and focus on analyzing the task and making sure the quality of services and products are not detracting.
  • C style makes sure everything is going in the way it should be.
  • Not just that they can seem to be critical as they focus on finding the mistakes and expect others to follow their standard perspective.
  • They can be overanalyzing when it comes to finding the issue and need information.
  • When they are being pressured, they can be overly critical.

As for the profile, the motto is if there is no time to do it in the right way, is there more time to do it again?

C style also tends to ask why more as they need the answer behind what and why they are doing.

What To Know About C Type Personality?

C style is also known as the analyst. They are motivated by opportunities for gaining the Knowle, showing expertise, and producing the quality of the work.

Apart from this, they are prioritizing ensuring accuracy, maintaining stability, and challenging assumptions.

  • They are described as analytical, careful, systematic, tactful, diplomatic, accurate, and tactful.
  • Here are some of the points that might be known about the C Type.
  • The C type has the fear of being wrong and criticism and having a strong display of emotions
  • Also, they have slow accuracy and quality.
  • They oversee the restraint and analysis.
  • They inflate the others by exacting standards and logic.
  • They also find conflict which includes the focus on logic and objectivity which overpowers the facts.
  • They could improve the effectiveness through unloading the feelings and beyond data.

How To Identify The C-Style Profile?

Well to find the C-style, it’s important to understand what you can expect.

If you are the one who has the same personality, what do you need to know so you can identify it?

And for that, here are some of the simple ways that can help.

  • C Style personality tends to be quiet as they proceed with taking everything cautiously.
  • They are highly focused on details, and to make sure they get it right, they will ask a lot of questions.
  • They want to be in control and make sure everything is going in the right way.
  • They are not comfortable when it comes to physical contact.
  • C- style appeared to be somewhat timid and also reserved.
  • The style can be studied in the specification and take all the information into consideration.
  • They don’t express digressing views that easily.
  • They also tend to make decisions once they get everything right, it includes getting all information, facts, etc.
  • They might be critical and have criticism that is based on facts instead of their opinions.
  • Also, they come well prepared,  such a personality makes sure they have all the homework done before they approach anything.
C Style Profile Attributes

What Does C Style Contribute In A Team?

The C personality has their own set of the perspective, well if you have the C style personality or someone else, you can expect them to –

  • They bring perspective to the groups.
  • Also, they tend to be an anchor of reality which the team thought.
  • They also make realistic estimates as well as voice if they have any problem.
  • They can be seen with the plan or have the existing system which is in the existing system.
  • The C is conscious and even-tempered.
  • They complete their tasks which makes them committed and very thorough.
  • They take pride when they are working accurately and have excellent analytic, information testers and researchers.

Well, the C style leaders tend to be diligent, disciplined, and conscientious.

They focus on providing high-quality outcomes and through their analysis as well as planning to be careful.

They also are risk-averse perfectionists, they might not pay attention to the human.

Their leadership includes the characteristics, it includes

  • Deliberate
  • Humble
  • Resolute
Example of Famous Personality C Style

What Are The Goals And Challenges For C Type?

The personality has goals and challenges.

  • As for C Type, there are the goals, includes:
  • They stick to objective processes.
  • They like to be accurate and correct.
  • They continue for personal growth.
  • They obtain expertise and knowledge.
  • They demonstrate stability and reliability.

The C style has its own challenges which they have to face.

There are some situations where they need to expend more energy.

It includes –

  • They make the decisions quickly.
  • They might have to join the social events and celebrations.
  • They also need to compromise for the good of the team.
  • They also let go and delegate tasks.
  • They resist being overanalyzing and over-critical as well as isolating themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs)

1. What Personality Traits Does The C Style Have?

They are extremely detail-oriented who prefer to be involved in whatever is happening around them, so they can have control and more stability. 

2. What Does A High C Personality Mean? 

Those who have a high C personality means they are more introverted, task-oriented, and reserved. They are cautious, calculating, and careful. 

3. What Makes The C Style Different From Others?

C style is the most analytical and reserved, they are more into detailing and focusing on proofs, facts, and information.

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