These 21 Books Will Help You Become A Better Leader

There are thousands of books on leadership. Leadership is the art of influencing people to follow the leader by his personality and characteristics. So it is very much necessary for anyone to achieve leadership skills in this fast-moving world of technology. One skill useful today may become orthodox in the next day.

So the leaders need to be prepared for the changing situation and focus on the goal rather than being active with the previously owned old fashioned leadership style. Some may think that they don’t have enough time to develop themselves, but this is a very much easy task for anyone.

Today we are going to discuss those books which you need to read before you die. Each and every book will offer you something new and unique to help you to become successful in leadership.

They are discussed Here to give you some awesome insights and inspiration in your leadership style:

Getting Things Done

This book is written by David Allen. The second edition of this book written after thirteen years of production of the first edition. This book is one time management on work and home. This book provides you with some rules to free up some mental space from your work time and help you to achieve your own goal.


This book is written by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. This book discussed the thing named in the zone which refers to remain busy with the work to that extent that some things like hunger and other things will seem unnecessary to them. Success depends on this state according to this writer. According to him, the full involvement to the work is more important than the happiness for the excellence in the career.

Eat That Frog!

This book is written by Brian Tracy. The title of the book comes from eating a live frog in the morning can ruin your whole day. This book tells you to push yourself to do the tough job rather than doing the easier job and use your energy and attention to it. He wrote about the forced efficiency by showing some must follow strategies.

Find a Way

This book is written by Diana Nyad. This writer swam from Cuba to Florida without any shark protection at the age of 64 in 2013. In her book, she describes the experience to the way of the achievement including her personal experience of failing in her early age and how she overcame the situation and become the winner to her struggle.

Getting to Yes’ by Roger Fisher

This book is written by Roger Fisher. It became the best-selling book in 1981 that’s why the second edition is published in 1991 which offers strategies to deal with personal and professional conflicts between parties. This book focuses on separating the people from the individual’s interest, not their positions.


This book is written by Larry Bossidy and Ram Charan. One of the writer Larry become the CEO of the year by a famous CEO related magazine for his awesome leadership skills. He partners with Ram Charan to write this book on his own experience to lead a company by the leadership skills by hiring the right people to the right place. This is a must book for those who want to become an achievement-oriented leader.

The New One Minute Manager

This book is written By Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson. This book is recommended by many people as it different from others in the case of aspiring leaders. This book helps will help you to find out their current leadership style’s flaws and the scope to learn to change their styles to get a better result than before.

Chicken Soup for the Soul

This book is written by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, and Amy Newmark. This book has celebrated its 20 years of inspiring people in 2013. People can learn from some real-life stories and learn some virtues from the personal lives of this book. You should try this book to learn something new.

Getting More

This book is written by Stuart Diamond. This book emphasized the value of your partner’s emotions and perceptions rather than the traditional negotiation strategies.  The most important factor in case of negotiation in the emotional states of the participants of the negotiation. So you need to think about this thing beside your rationality about your negotiations.


This book is written by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner.  The writers are related to economics that’s why they made the economics accessible to every case by showing its accessibility to every issue. The writers started to write blog and podcast after the book became famous, these are also famous as they show the universalism of the economics.

Do Over

This book is written by Jon Acuff. This book was prepared to give the readers an unexpected turn in their life by anything, maybe that thing can give him an opportunity or terminate him from his current job. He mentioned a term named career savings to account what shows you where you saved all the skills and experiences you’ve gained in the types of relationships, skills, character, and many other things.

Emotional Intelligence

This book is written by Daniel Goleman. According to the writer, IQ is not the only thing needed to achieve success in life. It’s the matter of controlling the emotions of you and the other people’s emotions rather than the IQ of the person. This trait can learn that’s why he mentioned five components to increase the emotional intelligence and control of the reader of the book.

First, break all the Rules

This book is written by Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman. This book is highly influenced by management philosophy. This book tells us to focus on the strength of each and every worker and find out the right job for the employees who will be the best fit for the job. By this, people can get expertize on what they know.

Change Your Brain, Change Your Life

This book is written by Daniel G. Amen.  He offers some brains perceptions to overcome some emotional hurdles like anger and sorrows. He mentioned some exercise and some guidelines to set a connection between your brain, feelings, and behavior.


This book is written by Greg McKeown. He emphasized on doing a fewer product at a better quality. His books will the reader to find out which elements of life are worthwhile to them and leave the rest. This book is not for an only business person. This book is for that person who gives up those things which are not that much important to them. But this emphasized on keeping the right thing no matter how many non-essential things you should leave in order to ensure the proper quality.


This book is written by Daniel H. Pink. This writer wrote many famous books and this book is the best seller of 2009. He gives the idea to motivate people by proving only the incentives. He mentioned the things autonomy and mastery to make them at home to do a great job as their own in this book.

Flying without a Net

This book is written by Thomas J. DeLong. The intention of the writer is to reduce the anxieties of the high-level professionals of their work and enjoy their life without anxieties to the fullest. This book gives the readers some tools to deal with anxieties and face the most feared things in their life.

Crush It!

This book is written by Gary Vaynerchuk. This writer told in this book that there is no perfect time to start your business and run after your dream that the current time. By working hard and learn as many things we can, you can build a highly successful career according to this man.

Secret to a Successful Life

This book is written by Jeff Olson. He mentioned in his book that the philosophy of one makes his attitude and actions and their results which combines one’s whole life. He thinks that the combination of your life’s behavior is the key to one’s success. You should read it to make you more confident and emphasizing on achieving a good quality of attitude and change in behavior if needed any.

Choose Yourself

This book is written by James Altucher.  He said in his book that, in this new world, traditional rules will not provide you with the success you want. The more you innovate, the more chances of success are there for you. He told in 2013 that we cannot rely on the old paradigm to gain success. We need to follow the new paradigm to be successful.

To Wrap Up

These are some of the best leadership books to read before you die. There are a lot of books. Now decide which will be able to motivate you to be successful and get yourself closer to your goal. There may be thousands of book on leadership, they may suit you if you need any support from these books.

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