23 Best and Amazing Books for Designing

There are various books which can motivate and inspire and give direction to make designs. Designing is an art which can only be developed by practicing and gathering essential knowledge of designing. Designing books help to define the idea behind any design and guide us through the appropriate way to depict the idea we want to show.

But today we are going to discuss some of these books which can be of great help to those who are looking for books for reading inspiration to design anything.

Paul Rand: A Designer’s Art

best books for designing

This writer has articulated the term graphic design is as a collection of essays. He is taken as the father of modern branding, he is known for the logo designing for the famous clients named IBM UPS and many more.

His another book named Form and Chaos is ready for print which can also give insights about designing, but if you want to learn to design properly, you need to read “A Designer’s Art”. This book shows why graphics deigns is needed, the impact and the works of graphics designing.

Information Graphics

best books for designing

This book was one of the basic books which was written on infographic designs. This book shows a huge range of design to those who are willing to take inspirations from anywhere to make quality designs.

The Art of Looking Sideways

best books for designing

The book is written by the writer named Alan Fletch who wrote a lot of books but is famous for “The  Art of Looking Sideways”. He asks everything about design about the color composition of the design and does it with a unique style. The book consists of various kind of information insights and pictures and a collection of wisdom and insight designed to delight and inspires anyone to the designing process.

How to be a Graphic Designer, Without Losing Soul

best books for designing

This book is written by Adrian Shaughnessy who wrote this books to make the student of graphic design aware of modern designing world’s pitfalls.

The book makes aware of the risk after completing the graduation of not fulfilling the needs of the designer which he intends to fulfill in the study time to make you care about the risk and pitfalls.

This book carries a bit of very wise advice for those who want to work freely by doing more meaningful work which won’t be taught in the school.

A Smile in the Mind

best books for designing

This book is written by Beryl McAlhone, David Stuart and Greg Quinton of the 90s. It was one of the most influential books published in the last of the twentieth century.

It is like a visual aid for the designers to teach them learning their job without losing souls and making you ready for the industry.

This book has remained as a great reference for developing and motivating you to become a designer and inspire you to be a truly engaged designer.

Graphic Design Visionaries

best books for designing

This book shows a variety of designs from time to time. It shows design’s change from various generation designers. The change in designing needs from year to year is shown in this mighty books. Peoples thought has changed from time to time. This book illustrates those change in the past choice, the present and the futures choice of the designing world.

Infographics Designers’ Sketchbooks

best books for designing

In this book, the famous designer’s around the world showcases their own sketchbook to teach you the graphic designing process These designers are world leading designer who can give you many insights about graphic designing.

This is one of the best ways to build up your mindset process abbot designing. This book is a great choice for you to read to know about others works and designing process to learn something new

Branding In Five-and-a-Half Steps

best books for designing

Branding In Five-and-a-Half Steps is a very useful manual for the creative process. This book was a perfect combination of a thick book about brand strategy and inspirational showcase for the designers. This book links both practical and inspirational things about designing. He wrote the books according to the name by breaking down the parts into five parts and a half part like which remain between strategy and design.

Graphic Design Rants and Raves

best books for designing

This book is written by Steven Heller’s which describe designing from the cultural and psychological mindset. This book will build your critical edge make you prepared for the changing role of design in the ever-changing dynamic world.

In this book, there are 40 plus essays which more than enough for a man to learn about graphics designing.

Wordless Diagrams

best books for designing

This book shows the important aspects of the picture to the world. The picture in enough to show everything if they are shown perfectly. So design is the key to everything if they are provided in the right way. This book tells about the power of design to make the picture as a living thing without telling anything.  


best books for designing

This book is a collection of a variety of things featuring possibly every kind of design in it. This book features mere poster to the calendar. Nothing is out of its collection. This book can be a help everyone which is not just a mere collection of infographics. It may help you to achieve your design needs.

The Visual Miscellaneum

best books for designing

This book is a huge inspiration for those who are looking for inspirations to start design. This book is one of the greatest collection of infographics showing the designers collection of work to give you tremendous motivation and inspiration.

Draplin Design Co.

best books for designing

This book is written by Draplin. He is an inspirational designer who comes up with his collection of design by his book/ HE remain honest with his book to share insights about the designing process. HE showed in his books what a designer with a wide range of clients can do to become successful.

Show Me the Numbers

best books for designing

It is a great book to those who are looking for the inspiration to make designs. It gives a practical guide to the viewer along with graphs statistics and other insights. If anyone tries to use infographics in their design, this book is for them to take inspirations.

Thoughts on Design

best books for designing

This book is a classic book written by Paul Rand, a legendary graphic designer who is known for the creation of famous logos and working for famous clients named IBM, UPS, and many famous brands. He shows in his book, how the design can be made colorful and useful.

Brand Thinking and Other Noble Pursuits

best books for designing

Branding is a tough job whether it is a small farm or it is a skyscraper of the sector. This book will make the branding task too easy for you by giving various insights about branding by providing the experience of various persons who were given the task of branding and proved successful in their task. You can learn many things from those heroes of the tough task of branding.

Thinking with Type

best books for designing

If you are looking for inspiration for designing with typography, this book is meant for you to take inspirations. As the writer, this book is a pure guide to use typography in the designing.

American Illustration 34

best books for designing

This book is a collection of illustration of America of various times. This book can give you insights about illustration from the various time period which can be found in both printed and softcopy version to get some design inspiration. This books can help you to be a person of great knowledge about design variety.

Creative Workshop

best books for designing

This book is an inspiration to gives you expertise on the work of all types. This book will help you to become a designer of better and strong work combination and faster designing method than another normal designer without much theoretical knowledge. This book will be of great help to the new graphic designers as well as the new.


best books for designing

This book has a wide range of font collection which is supposed as s heaven for the font nerds. This book is full of images which gives both inspiration and aids to design something. There is a wide variety of fonts used for several generations.so you can take inspirations to make the design from this book by selecting appropriate fonts for the job.

The Visual Display of Quantitative Information

best books for designing

This book shows a complete collection of necessary things needed for making a proper design. This book shows graphs and statistics along with the design to make you more proficient to make a proper sensed design.

Graphic Design

best books for designing

This book was written by Ellen Lupton a famous writer who has several books on this topics. He added some design and demo for the convenience of the user. You can take inspirations to make various designs from his book.

These are the books which can help you to make designs. There are thousands of books in the bookshop and on the internet by which we can take motivations for the design. There are some free and paid version of these books, you can take motivations if you need from this best-selling books about designing.

Best And Amazing Books For Designing

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