Most 12 Influential Books Ever Written About Business

Business is the life-blood of our current society. If society wants to progress, there is no alternative to business. As time passes, more people are indulging themselves in business in order to gain a  higher achievement in society. From small town business to industrial giants all of them have a single Trait. They are willing to take risk .

Here is a list of books regarding a business that had an unprecedented impact on the masses.

The Alchemist –By Paulo Coelho

This book all about encourages its readers to chase their dreams and no matter what happens along the journey if you have fought all the way, then everything will work out in the end. This book shares this message to its readers in the form of a story about a boy who gave up the comfort of daily life and took risks to achieve his dreams.   

How to win friends and influence people – By Dale carneige

best books ever written about  business

The author describes the way of developing a network and a strong community is to concentrate on creating a relevant relationship. The author suggests that we should be interested in others and give importance to their formal and informal life without expecting anything in return .this act will work as a long-term investment and help us develop the relationship with many peoples in a considerably short amount of time. As we will focus on the life of others they will also focus on ours and in the end, our life will improve.

Think and Grow Rich- By Napoleon Hill

The author of this book inspires his readers to define their aim and have a strong sense of desire to achieve that aim by taking massive action. Yearning for achievement will not only provide instant result but also create a momentum to break through any hurdle. There is no easy to gain success. But with enough conviction, you can make your own path and inspire others to join in accomplishing your goals.

4 Hour work week- BY Time Ferris

This book focuses on developing a business that targets a set of specific people. That is operated solely by you. Perform numerous test, experiments, and research on the product before launching the business. It is recommended not to create a high-priced product and expecting that it will attract the customers. Since this is an independent business you will be able to savor its benefits throughout your life instead of saving it for last.

22 immutable laws of marketing -Alries and jack trout

The authors describe the effectiveness of presenting your product in the market as early as possible. It is also important to create a long-lasting impact on people’s minds. In this age of information and technology, there is an abundance of information all around us. it is important for your business to have a unique trait that can attract customers and be exclusive in their minds. The 22 laws provided by these authors have been effective in the past and also in the present.  

The Art of Learning – Josh Waitzkin

The author suggests that in order to achieve success one should constantly focus on learning and expand their skills. Author has the formula to learn even the most complex topics in a short time period. His formulas are a complete contrast to the book outliers written by Malcolm Gladwell.

Meditations – By Marcus Aurelius

This book focuses on the obstacles faced by a businessman It discusses the hurdles and its impact on should not be discouraged by the obstacles but must maintain a steady train of thought and push through. Only by controlling your emotions and focusing on your vision can you achieve success.  

Awaken The Giant Within- By Tony Robbins

This book is one of the Classics. It states that our mind, body, and soul should always be as one and maintained regularly. we should prepare ourselves for facing hurdles and always strive to improve ourselves. Only by concentrating on basics and fundamental can we create the building blocks for achieving our goals.

The Intelligent Investor – BY Benjamin Graham

The author of this known to be the greatest consultant for Investments in the 20th century. Benjamin Graham has encouraged people from all over the world. His philosophy “VALUE INVESTING” has protected countless investors for errors in judgment and instructs them to develop long-term strategies.  This book is considered as the Stock market bible since it was first published in 1949.

The Innovator’s Dilemma: The Revolutionary Book That Will Change the Way You Do Business” by Clayton M. Christensen

This book uses the success and failures of leading companies as a guide and provides a set of rules for capitalizing on the phenomenon of disruptive innovation. It is worth mentioning that Steve Jobs used this book to explain why Apple needed to embrace cloud computing. This book is frequently associated with steve jobs and Jeff Bezos.  

The 7 habits of highly Effective People – By Stephen.R.Covey

best books ever written about business

This is one of the most inspiring books ever written as it has influenced its readers for over 25 years. This book has transformed the lives of people of all statuses. Even the presidents and CEO’s of leading companies are no exception.

The Lean Startup-By Eric Ries

Although there are countless business stories of success. However the failure of business stories and ten times more than that. this book is for those are about to start a business. As it provides guidelines and tips to prevent the failures of startup businesses. The lean startup is considered a new approach that is being adopted all around the globe. It changes the way a company is formed and the launch of new products.

To Wrap Up

The books listed above are for those who are seeking knowledge, guidelines, and inspirations. After all, even the most successful business tycoons always referring to these books and in their success stories, they have admitted the influence these books had on them in times of difficulty. So it can be said that if you have a strong desire to make a name for yourself in the vast business world filled with obstacles and unpredictable risks then reading these books is an absolute necessity.

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