45+ Black History Month Activities And Games

February is known as Black History Month, where people celebrate African American history, their contributions, as well achievements annually across Canada and the United States.

This can be a great opportunity for teachers to teach with intention and honor the tradition by telling the importance of black history and their culture. It can be promoted in workspaces, offices, and companies as well.

For this, celebrating the tradition is even more important as Black History Month is crucial for the students and people to learn.

Here are listed activities by which you can do that, keeping them engaged and interested, whether online or offline.

List Of Activities For Black History Month Activities And Games

  • Choose person of week or day
  • Worksheet activities
  • Consider timeline activity
  • Consider relevant media
  • Choose quotes
  • Add facts
  • Trivia and games
  • Consider projects
  • Host virtual events
  • Make art
  • Create posters
  • Learn about the event
  • Learn about Black Lives Matter
  • Create museum in class
  • Decorate door to the theme
  • Learn about Barack Obama
  • Read Black Characters Book
  • Do poetry

Person Of Day Or Week

With this activity, the student can talk about the people related to the Black community. It can be the influencers and their achievements as well as accomplishments.

For this, take some time to talk about different people every day, or it can be done weekly. Also, you can center the lesson related to them.

Also, you can look beyond historical figures and celebrities. There might be a lot of black contributors who are not well known, but it can be a chance to introduce them.

You can explore different categories, which include

  • Artists
  • Actors
  • Writers
  • Politicians
  • Musicians
  • Historical Figures
  • Heroes
  • Iconic leaders
  • Activists
  • Scientists
  • Mathematicians

Worksheet Activities

You can teach your students about the Month while they are working on different fun activities. For this, they can find their own pace.

As for the teachers, send your students a worksheet, it can be online, or you can print it out to help them learn about Black Month.

The teachers can consider black history coloring pages or crossword and trivia.

Consider Timeline Activity

You can add more context on why this event is important by including chronology a bit.

Have students put their own timelines, which can be done with a group or individually. However, the focus should be on specific people and events related to history.

It can be fun to do things to earn and learn through it.

Consider The Relevant Media

Well, you can consider different good media that will help you teach about Black History, which can be used as an advantage.

You can read the books and watch the videos that can be hosted in class. Also, you can discuss the themes and lessons about each piece regarding the media after you assign work based on that.

Quote And Fact Of The Day

The new activity you can consider is getting a new quote or fact relevant to Black history and using it every morning to greet the students.

It can be said during the lesson outline and added to the bulletin board. It can be sent online. Then you can do an open discussion in class talking about the quote and fact’s relevance.

Assign The Project To The Class

Give the class assignment, which should be large as they work on it the entire Month. This can be a collaborative media project or presentation,

With these projects, let the students build on what they are working on and learn towards the project. This will help in building teamwork and learning the value behind it.

Trivia And Games Related to Black History

You can also add some fun along with a bit of competition to your lessons. For this, you have to find some games and trivia related to Black history. This will make things interesting, and also competition between the people.

For this, you can play true and false and consider adding the history-related quizzes.

Host Virtual Events

Classroom learning is undoubtedly one of the great ways to learn about the event, but there are so many things that can be learned by experiencing it.

There are different activities and events online that you can host to celebrate Black History Month. Choose any of the suitable ones and make things much more interactive and fun.

Study And Create Something Like Art

When it comes to Black Community, Art is one of the things that have huge significance in historical and cultural terms where they inspired a lot of great and illuminative lessons.

This is also an interesting way for students and creative people to enjoy and learn from the process.

You can assign them to write a story, make a video or podcast, and create visuals, art, and crafts.

Host Thought Activities

This can help in strengthening the collaboration skills with various people through different activities during February. This will help the students to think and help them in learning new ideas as well as perspectives from each other.

You can start by asking different questions which are relevant such as :

  • Why do we celebrate Black History Month?
  • What does this Month mean to them?
  • How can you fight intolerance towards them in everyday life?

You can also discuss the answers given by the students in class and elaborate on them to better understand them.

Create Posters For Recreating

The Civil Right Movements Veterans site offers powerful examples of freedom that can be recreated by the movement posters.

Review them, including the students, and ask them to get into groups and create their own to share.

Learn About Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter is an important movement that contributed to Black History Month.

The site explains the history of the group, while books such as The Hate U Give and Dear Martin helps in exploring the movement but from a fictional perspective.

Create Newsletter And Magazine

Well, another option that you can consider is creating a newsletter or magazine. You can ask the student if they have created one for distributing to their parents.

This can include poems and short stories written by black authors. Also, they can add images that focus on the event.

Create Museum In Classroom

If your students select the pioneer about whom they want to know more, they can choose to turn their classroom into a museum and explore the topics.

Also, they can dress up and share their research with others.

Learn About Barack Obama

Another way can be learning about the 44th president Of the US, Barack Obama, this February.

For that, you can go to the White House site where the students can get a good introduction to him. Also, it is available in National Geographic Reader.

Obama also has books written by him that can be considered, such as Dream From My Father: A Story Of Race and Inheritance, A Promised Land, and The Audacity Of Hope.

Decorating The Door To The Theme

This can be a fun and interesting way to explore the Month by decorating the door. Choose what way the student wants to turn their classroom door and decorate it according to Black History Month.

Read Books With Black Main Characters

Another one that can be considered is reading books that have characters of Black Culture. Dias, a young artist, started a campaign called #She compiled a guide to books that have black girls in their characters.

You can choose a book that has a protagonist like that. It will be a great way to understand the culture and people.

Host The Poetry Reading

You can ask your students to choose a poem written by a Black poet. They can recite it in their class. Choose a student who can serve as emcee and write up a program.

Set the tone and dimmed light along with jazz music that can be played between the performances. This can be a great way to start the Month as well.

Continue To Learn How To Combat Racism

Students will have the opportunity to look at the origins and history of different narratives who have different ethnicities and religious groups.

Understanding racism and how it affects society as well as people, including finding their own bias and racism, can help in powering them and countering such situations in the future.

Create Playlist Dedicated To Black History Month

There are different genres when it comes to music. This also helps in shaping people. The students can create a playlist that is from a Black artist and influences society.

Celebrating the Month dedicated to the artists such as Louis Armstrong, Beyonce, Jimi Hendrix, Lauryn, etc., can help in enjoyment as well as learning tools.

Review The Timeline Of The Month

To understand why this Month is so important and for that, it’s important to review the timeline of the Month. Start with learning why Black History Month is in February, how long it was founded and who came up with it etc. Find these answers and questions about the timeline.


Black History Month is an important month that should be celebrated with all respect and understanding.

However, these activities can be a fun and entertaining way to start. Also, it will help the students to find out more about the culture, religion, and contribution.

Along with that, the people who influenced society to become better, this Month can be a way to pay respect to their efforts and work.

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