“Balance Your Emotions and Be Your Own Coach” 63+ Inspiring Quotes

“Balance Your Emotions and Be Your Own Coach” is a self-guide by Pratibha Tiwari. She briefly explains human emotions and how to make the best use of our emotions. This book is a step-by-step guide on how to handle both positive and negative emotions. 

Here are some quotes from “Balance Your Emotions And Be Your Own Coach”:

-Emotions, feelings, and their frequencies in human beings pass on to the universe and get reciprocated back to us again. 

-We can transmit positive and negative energies to others. Every expression of emotion transmits energy. 

-Emotions are the drumming of a particular energy. 

-Emotions once expressed cannot be reversed. So pay a little attention before you choose to express them. 

-Our society expects us to get solutions from our academic studies. Yet not for a moment, it helped us in life. It is the emotions by which you will transmit energy that matters the most. 

-You don’t need to be intellectual to speak up and use your voice. Precisely you need to be a mortal being who knows when to speak and when not to. 

-Our mind is trained to provide solutions related to materialistic details of life. You need to train yourself to know your authentic self; you need to meditate on yourself. 

-‘ Emotional People are very strong and sensitive’ is a myth that needs to be deconstructed. When you know the worth of emotions you will stop questioning them. 

-Learn to be your mentor, your own best friend because, in the end, it is you who is going to care about your success and happiness. 

-A Coach is someone who uncovers the hiding features in everyone and makes the best use of them. 

-To turn into your coach you need to handle the greatest degree of your emotions and feelings. 

-We are called earthly beings because we have sentiments in us. Feelings and emotions are the very essence of human nature. 

-Our mind receives some senses of impressions which are processed by our interpreters and flickers a particular feeling which results in emotional expressions. 

-Developing a positive mind map is quite essential to have an influential attitude. 

-To live the emotions you have, to love your true self, you cannot detest the experiences which shaped them. 

-We learn things when we are a child. We convert them to our beliefs when we are teenagers. We apply them practically when we are older. 

-We cannot administer what is not in our hands. We cannot control our flow of emotions. We need to be content with them. 

-By ‘Neuro-Linguistic Programming’, we can control our emotions and feelings about which we feel bad. It is a gift the scientific universe has provided to us, humans. 

-As compassionate humans, we need each other to live in harmony and peace in life. We need to experience the hate to experience the good. 

-The base of our social life is constructed by the threads of relationships we build with other human beings. 

-The shadow of fear of losing anything gets heavy on a human being. To live freely, you have to choose not to stress out on your fears but to make friends with them. 

-When a person responds the way he reacts with others and recognizes emotions in him and others he is known to be emotionally intelligent. 

-Emotions play a predominant role in making human life better and harmonious. 

-Sadness and fear are inevitable factors of life. You are going to be content in an instant when you accept this. 

-Love is a primary emotion. Affection is a secondary emotion. Caring, liking, and attraction are tertiary emotions. 

-Our pulse is something we can only feel which makes sure that we are physically alive. The emotions of love are to be felt in a similar way which makes you feel alive. 

-To love yourself, write down the qualities which you like in others and try to implement them on yourself. 

-The journey of loving yourself and others always starts from within. Make sure it’s a good place to start from. 

-Train your face to smile. It is very important to be pleasant and uplifting to live happily without any strings attached.

-Help others almost every day. It is the shortest path to attain happiness and salvation in your life. 

-When you accept yourself truly as you are, you will love the outer universe unconditionally without expecting anything.

-Before analyzing the situation gives an insight into others’ points of view and think you are in the place of others. 

-Up-skill yourself to be constantly positive in all kinds of situations. 

-Evaluate the problems with a fresh and new perspective of thinking. Consider many options before choosing the required one. 

-Don’t hesitate to express yourself if your actions and thoughts are selfless and without any conditions. 

-Expression of feelings is like a reverberation. Be very careful while expressing it. 

-Whenever you think of any negative situation, write down two positive situations in contrast to it. You will never regret it. 

-The emotions of ‘despair, grief, disappointment’ together define the meaning of sadness. As human beings, it is a privilege for us to feel both happiness and sadness at the same time. 

-Phones, laptops, and tabs have made a permanent road in human lives. Physical transmission of energies is becoming endangered due to these permanent roads. 

-Empathy is the cure which this universe needs. Spread as much empathy as possible. 

-If a hurdle gets the best of your anger, take out limited time to solve it. Stay organized. 

-Patience and forbearance are hidden within the clouds of egos in ourselves. Set up a schedule to track them down and make use of them. 

-Everything happens in a rhythm, and everything happens for a reason. Be aware and be more patient when time passes by.

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