Authenticity At Work: How To being authentic at work?

Switching between different roles daily is something that everyone is aware of. These hats can contrast as you move between home, office, or social settings.

Filling out different roles and playing them all day can be exhausting. Also, it’s nearly impossible to do it when you are not being your authentic self. Also, it is not easy to be yourself as different barriers keep you from being vulnerable and open.

Well, it can be challenging to maintain your Authenticity at work, but knowing what can help and why it’s essential, along with tips to improve, might help.

Why Is Authenticity At Work Needed?

Being authentic at work means being self-aware and knowing who they regard values, emotions, and competencies. Their outward behaviors emulate their self-awareness, and their opinion about others doesn’t affect how they behave.

Authentic people don’t compromise when it comes to their beliefs or conviction to comfort others. But why is it needed at the workplace?

Well, Authenticity at work helps in improving the environment of the workplace.
But with that, it’s important to understand what Authenticity at work is not about. People must treat this with integrity. And when it’s about acting with integrity, some factors help in how you show up at work daily.

Here are some of the points that can help to understand what workplace authenticity is not about :

  • Authentic at work doesn’t mean that the person has to share a complete story about their life with everyone.

  • Also, you don’t connect with everyone on the same deep or personal level.

  • You don’t have to share opinions that are unfiltered, perspectives, or comments that might hurt people.

  • Understanding the boundaries is important. Authenticity doesn’t mean sacrificing your limits for the sake of others.

What Are The Benefits Of Having Authenticity At Work?

A Team and company culture promoting Authenticity at work means that they value and bring different benefits to the company and the working environment. It includes :

It Makes More Employees Happy

Employers who feel like they can be themselves at their workplace feel much happier. And when they are happy, it also helps improve employee engagement, team productivity, and motivation that increases as well.

It Makes The Team Stronger

Authenticity at work also promotes stronger teams. When employees feel they are seen and appreciated for who they are, it helps form stronger bonds between the people. Also, it helps in better collaboration and higher performance as a team.

It Helps In Making Feedback Much More Effective

The safety of being candid with colleagues also helps make people afraid to share their insights and true opinions. This helps in leading honest and valuable feedback for the growth of people and pushing them to do the best work.

It Leads To More innovation

When people are being authentic at work, they are less afraid, which helps build confidence. With this, they are more comfortable sharing their ideas and making mistakes. Also, boost creativity and likely take calculated risks, which leads to innovation.

What Authenticity Is At Work?

Authenticity at work lets people show their true selves and being authentic in their workplace. This can be manifest in different ways as it includes :

Showing The Personality And Being Who You Are

Authenticity at work means that the person stays the way he is and shows their true colors. That means there is no pressure to act in the manner that others do. In a world where the home and work are blurred, it is important that you are being authentic. It’s tiring to separate your personal life from work and home.

Having a Sense of Psychological Safety

Psychological safety in the team makes the people feel much more comfortable speaking what they have in their mind, making mistakes, and being candid with their interactions.
This also makes space for people where they point out the risks and blockers that are potential without feeling to shut down their peers.

It also helps in challenging feedback from the place and compassion.

Being Valued For Individuality And Contribution

Authenticity also helps in being appreciated and valued for individuality and showing the authentic self. And beyond embracing people for who they are and what they bring to the team. Also, it shares what employees want to feel about their contributions, opinions, ideas, and value. People also want to respect who they are.

Improves The Authentic Management

It’s just important for managers to manage their team and their work authentically. This is where you focus on creating a work environment that welcomes and promotes authenticity.
You must keep your team members feeling that they are seen and valid for what they are. And not just it’s about what they are bringing.

Why It’s Hard To Stay Authentic At Work?

Even though Authenticity is difficult when you are not sure how to stay that way. Some signs show that employees are struggling to stay authentic.

Finding Difficulty To Express Emotions Freely

There are a lot of people who find difficulty when they are speaking their emotions freely. Some men who mostly feel more struggle that being seen as soft or whimsy is not what they want to be seen as. Women are not as comfortable speaking about what they are feeling.

Struggle To Be Yourself During The Conversation

Another struggle is to fall into the trap of comparison and play small if they believe they are not good enough. Also, people make themself appear better when they believe they are not a good fit. This can be a sign that your employees might be struggling.

Not Having The Genuine Connection

Social media might be the issue. However, there are a lot of people who are not having a genuine connection with their friends or coworkers. This also causes a problem when people have no idea how to be honest, while they talk.

Steps To Be Authentic In Your Workplace

For improving Authenticity in the workplace, a few basic steps can help you. It includes :

Know That Its Long Term Goal

The first step to becoming authentic is understanding that it will not happen overnight.
So here, being aware is important to recognize that people have different personalities at work and open themselves to change. It takes time. Authenticity is something that is for cultivating instead of a destination. Think of it as a journey.
It also doesn’t mean that being authentic means that you have to figure out exactly who is.

Build The Personal Brand

Actively working on building your band can help you in being more authentic might seem contradictory. However, it’s the opposite in reality. Personal branding is not about being fake but about exploiting your own story and who you are and projecting it, so people know that, along with values and unique selling points.

Developing The Listening Skills

Authentic listening is essential when it comes to being yourself. Giving attention to the person talking to you allows you to resend from staying authentic.

Admit When It’s Your Fault

The cornerstone of being authentic is being vulnerable. This is impossible to be authentic when you are hiding the mistakes. This is a difficult step for taking the built a reputation on perceived ability to be right always.
Also, it helps people to trust, as if you are more trustworthy and not hiding your mistakes.

Embrace And Give Feedback

When people are being authentic, they are being more vulnerable. The feedback is even difficult for them to receive.
Remember that this might strike the right balance between what you share and what you dont support about real goals, values, and principles.

Tips To Improve Authenticity At Work

It might seem challenging to start with this, and the journey is not easy. So to ensure you are being effective, here are some tips that can help.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Being Who You Are

Many managers think they have to act in some way to get respect from their team and colleagues. However, despite the professional requirement, it doesn’t mean you have to be too severe and closed off. Here the focus should be on being the real you, and it will help you in building the relationship for the long run. So don’t be afraid of showing who you are.

Show It Okay To Make Mistakes

If you are a manager or leader, it’s essential to show the people that mistakes will happen. There is no ashamed feeling or inability, but it’s an opportunity to grow. Also, don’t swipe the mistakes under the rug or hide them. Mistakes are not rare. Everyone does this, and it’s okay to do it.

Encourage The Productive Decisions

You need to make the team feel safe and supported to encourage the intensity at work. And for that, a productive discussion is needed where they have space to share what they think about, ideas, and opinions and talk about what they want to.

Get To Know People For Real

Authenticity is about showing up to work and staying the true self. If you don’t know who are being true selves in the team, it might be challenging to encourage them. That way, you need to know who they are for real and spend time together.

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