“At the Horizon of Life and Death” Book Summary + Lessons + Inspiring Quotes

“At the Horizon of Life and Death”   is a   collection of fictonal short stories composed by   Dr. Pankaj   Kumar. The book highlights the profuse complications of a doctor which obstruct their professional work. This book provides a voice for all those doctors who have been traumatized throughout their professional lives.

Best quotes from “At The Horizon Of Life And Death”:

-Successful people procure firm and swift decisions. 

-A fine doctor treats the illness, but a brilliant doctor treats the sufferer who has the illness. 

-It is always better to be attentive about things than to regret them later. 

-If you target on the damage you will continue to be in pain, if you target on the significance you will continue to grow. 

-Sometimes our imagination simply pales in comparison to the unimagined.   

-Scars remind you that you are a survivor of deep wounds and lonely nights. It leads you to grow mentally and physically strong. 

-Often time’s trauma brings in unexpected changes that you don’t choose. Healing and recovering is the trauma that you choose to change. 

-Be Unbeatable. Be on Fire. Be that brisk fire that is born to save lives and bring people from the mouth of Death. 

-To operate the fear in others, you must know how to handle your own. 

-Don’t underestimate the seriousness that history holds for us. The one who has firm roots, grows into a blooming tree. 

-Effective and healthy communication can diminish the scarcity of trust in a relationship. 

-To be healthy, to be alive, and to be able to see, to be able to hear and smell is the precious privilege that mother earth has provided to us. Make sure to take care of it.  

-Be forever thankful to the person who has saved your life. It is almost like at the mercy of that person you are able to experience the abundant nature of life. 

-Gratitude bids us farewell from the materialistic world. It turns what we have into adequate and more. 

-Knowing your own darkness and demerits is actually the way to help and revive people who are still in dark. 

-A series of failures can tempt you to give up on it. But staying consistent and not giving up highlights your way to success. 

-Surviving through a battlefield being a soldier makes you more powerful and strong. 

-Fear is extensively present in life. It is up to you if you fear the fear or make friends with it. 

– You become prosperous when you manifest your dream with firm determination. 

-Good medical management and health care are like the abode of Heaven.

-Never be petrified to raise your own voice for truth and honesty.  

-Although it is hard, being calm and steady in pressure leads to your own victory. 

-There is a story behind every person. One failure cannot define a person’s life. 

-Don’t be quick in judging people by the account of their failures. 

-Don’t squander around the bad things which have happened in the past. You will be ruining your present too. 

-You solely need the accurate amount of knowledge and science to save a person from dying. 

-Finding your purpose can be a critical thing. But once you do, there is no going back from it. It’s just infinite skies after that. 

-Doctors are sages who grant us the time to live and experience the adverse and the unknown. 

-To deal with several painful incidents, you have to create a safe space in yourself where you can go back to whenever needed. 

-Taking decisions for the betterment of others can be quite risky but you are given a chance to do it because you can. Trust the power of the Universe. 

-Great decisions always come from accomplished work. And accomplished work is learned by the bad mistakes that happen in life. 

-There is a thin line between life and death just as the sea and the sky. And the thin line comprises you and your consciousness. 

-You cannot move forward without taking decisions. Instead of doing nothing, do something. 

– When you know what you want, you actually become wise. 

-You are alone at the time you were born and you will die alone. You should learn how to be content within yourself. The rest of the crowd doesn’t matter. 

-Anxiety is one such invisible would which aggravates if not treated at the right time.

-Doubt is often good. Doubt in a complex mind leads to inquiry and an inquiry always leads to an answer or a development. 

-Just because you know someone’s name, it does not give you any amount of right to judge the person. You don’t know their history. You just know the name. 

-You don’t need to appear rich or appear intelligent to attract people. Just be authentic to gravitate the right people. 

-If you blame others for every decision you take, you lose the power to self–growth. 

-Following a rabble is very much easy. But walking alone is probably going to get you to the places you did not know that existed. 

-At difficult and chaotic times you often get to rediscover a new self that will stay with you forever. Build a nest to come back to whenever you can. 

-Rather than running around the clock prioritize your time and choose what is more important to you. 

-Life becomes interesting when challenges are present, and after conquering those challenges life becomes meaningful. 

-When things are easy nothing changes but when we face obstacles everything changes for our own good. 

-Great and massive challenges turn ordinary people into extra ordinary ones. 

-A great deal of experience and competence is required in order to overcome a holocaust successfully. 

-Negative sentiments should be like the passing storms. They should be able to remind you that it is temporary.

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