“Act Like a Leader, Think Like a Leader” Book Summary + Lessons + Inspiring Quotes

“Act Like a Leader, Think Like a Leader” by Herminia Ibarra is a very inspiring book for each and every person who has a fondness for leadership. Her research and perspective of ‘transforming by doing’ is widening horizons. 

Inspiring Leadership Quotes

-Two most important factors of leadership are self-reflection and introspection.

-Always try to know your strengths and find out your leadership style.

-Changes never occur inside out, they always occur outside in.

-To become a good leader all you require is a good outlook.

-Productive work is said to be done when you are challenged by new challenges and enlightened with new observations.

– Begin with making differences in the way you do your task, what sort of association you have with people, and how you work.

-Always keep in mind that knowing what you should be doing and doing that thing are two distinct things in reality.

-Change your priorities and viewpoints about what matters the most, only then you can actually start mending the way you allocate your time.

-One of the best ways to begin is by moving away from your comfort zone and quitting your old habits.

-To develop as a leader, it is very essential to have strong networks.

– It is okay to get some references when you are not sure where it is leading you to. We need people who see our efforts, who encourage and guide our early steps, and to pave the way.

-It is very crucial for a good leader to have the right kind of professional relationships.

-People in greater leadership parts must alter their own identities rather than going for a different job or setting up a network of work relations.

-You should change the way you see yourself, how other people look at you, and what values you have.

-The only way you can use to start thinking as a leader is by acting like a leader.

-Stepping up as to play a role of a leader is not an outcome. It is a procedure that needs to be realized in order to put it together.

-Your way of thinking and presenting yourself is a result of your past affairs.

-Your idea of what leadership is about increases when you start doing things rather than just thinking about them.

-Start enjoying what you do, because when you start enjoying a thing you do more of it and then you get better at it.

-Utilize more time in learning things as well as doing the things you know the best.

-To act like a leader, you must devote your time to manifesting the change, visualizing new possibilities, and engaging more people.

-Your current situation should never be an excuse for anything. Always keep trying to evolve your situation detector and try participating in various activities.

– Just because a person knows that network is important for success, doesn’t mean he/ she is giving adequate time and energy in making it useful.

-Your laziness will take you nowhere. Stop being lazy and give your best.

-On your transition to leadership, remember it is very crucial to go outside your network and discover who and what you become.

-It is never inaccurate to seek an expert opinion. It is always beneficial to learn things from the experience.

-Always keep enhancing your strategies and try experimenting.

-You can keep growing by taking perspective from your peers who belong to different support groups.

-One thing about this process should never change, that is the strong and determined desire to be true to yourself.

Inspiring Leadership Quotes

-Authenticity is what it takes to become a true leader. Being authentic at your work is very critical.

-Authenticity comes from your true-to-self approach.

-Sometimes stepping up as a leader might make you feel like a fake but you should trust the process and move on. Keep up with your work.

-Your identity is not just about the past, it is also about the possibilities you see for yourself in the future.

-You should focus on setting learning goals rather than just worrying about your performance goal.

-Observe a wide range of role models and make a note of things you want to learn from them and keep straining your technique until it is productive and authentic.

-You just do not convert into what you have envisioned, in a blink of an eye. It takes time and requires you to have forbearance.

-Attaining a bigger leadership role requires a transition that is built from the small changes in your life.

-Most of the time, we think changing begins with the end that is the desired result. But actually knowing what kind of a leader you want to become does not come first.

-Break yourself free from the vision of what you ought to be. Do not restrict yourself to one idea only.

-One of the most crucial lessons everyone should learn is to understand that making vital moves like changing careers, does not undoubtedly take you to a greater position.

-Grow yourself by questioning yourself and being committed to the change and your goal.

-When you get to learn something new, reflect and blend it. This helps in facing the unseen problems that arise.

-Modify yourself as you lead and see the world change.

-People around you will tell you that to become a better leader you need to introspect and know what you want, but it will only help you when you have some experiences to reflect on.

-Make a great leap by thinking strategically and leading authentically.

-Acting as a leader not only changes our outlook on what is crucial and worth doing but also changes who we become.

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