“A River In Darkness” Book Summary + Lessons + Inspiring Quotes

Masaji Ishikawa is the author of the book “A River In Darkness”.  This book depicts the horrifying true story of a man who escaped from North Korea, a country with a vicious dictatorial government and also the invincible nature of mankind.

In The Darkness Quotes

-Regardless of the situation, one must not let himself be maltreated by anyone because his self-esteem is the biggest gift he can ever have.

-One should always have trust in his inner voice and mind because these things never lie about anything and give you enough strength to fight your anxiety and other issues.

-Joyfulness and sadness are the two constituents of human life. The final outcome of greed and dishonesty is miseries whereas the final outcome of hard work and determination is happiness.

-A person who is always surrounded by lunatics often finds himself trapped in difficult situations where he is helpless and crazy.

-When everything goes against your will and choices, you feel like destroying the whole world just to find peace and sanity.

-When a country’s leader is a barbaric type of person, then one can only expect slavery as their greatest freedom.

-If you get acquainted with suffering and bear severe pains, then your state of mind becomes different from other groups of people which may hamper your actions.

-People who are acquainted with hardships often gather success but people who are acquainted with unjustified tolerance and slavery gather failure and depression.

-A country’s growth is not recorded on the basis of achievements in the technology sector or other sectors; instead, its growth depends upon the lifestyle of its own people.

-The more boggled a country becomes, the more it is exposed to unauthorized merchandise.

-A country can never progress in the international field if its people are living every day in a burden.

-Poverty and hunger become common in a country when its people are refrained from raising their voices against the choices of their government.

-A country becomes a place of extreme disasters when its people don’t communicate with each other or form bonds. One can say that the country is socially inactive and non-progressive.

-Compromising the burdens or injustice is not the right way to escape from it.

-People often adopt the path of violence to get justice because being kind and silent often increases more number of problems for him.

-Sectarianism or bigotry breaks down the self-respect of any man and makes him vulnerable to weak persons.

-A quality of one’s life depends upon not only his hard work and perseverance but also the type of society he lives In.

-Frustration, anger, and jealousy lead you to the path of misfortunes and agony.

-The deepest strength one can ever have is to forget past failures and learn new skills and challenges to face them tomorrow.

In The Darkness Quotes

-Invest your time and skills in those works which can provide you with fruits of happiness, fame, and success.

-People often break the hearts of the ones who do not speak out for themselves as they think that those ones are weak and mentally unstable.

-One can imagine the level of progress any country makes where penance for creative thinking is considered an offense.

-All the trust, mutual bonds, and affection get reduced when a seed of doubt arises.

-Trust is the greatest proof of love and affection.

-Sometimes, minor changes in any religion or political issues can often lead to unstoppable destruction and misery.

-You glow differently when you have the courage to speak or present your opinions to anyone in this world.

-Talking about misfortunes or other barriers justifies that you no longer have the ability to gain success.

-Following the narrow-minded people’s theory of life will drive you crazy and only provide you with unjustified miseries and woes.

-It’s hard to believe that a country that has preserved its ancient culture and tradition has the most religious citizens in this world.

-Once you start growing old, you realize that your parents’ words were true and practically applicable.

-A country can never excel when its young generation has to remain silent and bear unjustified burdens.

-If proper traits and virtues are not bestowed upon the younger generation, then that country will never escape from its past and will continue to create more barriers for itself.

-One should enjoy every work that he or she is engaged with because the progress of his or her work can only increase when he has his passion behind it.

-There is a big gap of difference between displaying patriotism and being patriotic.

-No matter, good things take time, but once you have it, then you get the ultimate level of satisfaction.

-Sometimes, it’s better to keep yourself private because not everyone is concerned about your success and hardships.

-Hesitation is the greatest enemy of time.

-Once you start looking beyond the imperfections, you begin to sense things differently in your life.

-One induces fear while he is idle but can generate success when he starts making an effort.

-Stay away from psychopaths as much as possible because they tend to hamper your efforts and inner confidence.

-A small change acts as a trigger to produce powerful and impactful actions in your life.

-Learn to leave your old version of yourself because life will show you challenges that require immense courage and a positive attitude.

-It may sound odd but it’s true that the beginning of any path is always the hardest.

-Social boundaries are sometimes healthy, and normal and act as a tool for survival.

-Sometimes peace is better than unwanted chaos and struggles.

-Allow yourself to excel at your own speed or pace and stop hating your own life.

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