“30 Powerful Visualization Practices” Book Summary + Lessons + Inspiring Quotes

Rajesh Vairapandian, in his book “30 Powerful Visualization Practices: How to manifest your desires using the law of attraction,” mentions the techniques to improve your relationship and develop a healthy lifestyle. The book will also help you in your career growth and will control your anger issues.

Visualization Quotes

-If you keep practicing and master the skill of energy shifters, it will have a huge impact on your life.

-Sometimes, you need to overcome your tiredness to overcome certain situations in life.

-People with good anger management techniques are more skillful than others.

-The blocked energy in your life is released when you scribe something on the paper, and the energy flows out of the uncomfortable zone. 

-When you move out of your comfort zone, the energy flows without any obstacles in life.

-When you do good things, your blessings will bring about a feel-good factor to you, and it will also ease down your hard feelings.

-Sometimes, you need to get rid of the bad memories by throwing the scribbled paper into the dustbin.

-Always remember that only you can decide your future and others can only suggest some changes in it.

-Some people can never get success because they always live in the past and do not let go of the past things easily.

-You should try to cherish the present moment by forgetting the rough past, and then you can achieve the things you want.

-Sometimes, you need to ask yourself before believing in someone and receiving things from them.

-Try to overcome the old beliefs and make your subconscious mind believe in your desired outcomes.

-The things you feed in your mind will respond to all your commands with an accuracy of a hundred percent.

-Always remember that you are the only champion and loser of your life.

-Sometimes, your body gets all its energy when you are under warm water.

-Under the running water, your body and mind will have the same amount of energy, and it will make you more capable.

-Your life is limited on the earth, and you should know it very well.

-The best time to have a self conversation is under the shower.

-Self-talking is an art, and you can always be the artist.

-Sometimes, some people know about their success even before achieving it, and they do not fear for their results.

-When you decide your life, then you can become what you think.

-You can be positive every day after believing in the power of nature and the universe.

-The only way to remain happy is to stay positive every time, and everywhere you go.

-When you are unable to make some decision in life, listen to your inner being at that time, and then you will find the answers to your questions.

-Some things require visualization, and without visualization, it is not possible to achieve it.

-It is believed that God will listen to you, and you can also listen to him if you sit calmly and meditate.

Visualization Quotes

-Sometimes, you will be confused in life, so you need to find a calm place and meditate.

-Your actions will commence without a second thought when your love and passion meet at one point.

-Sometimes people listen to their minds and get their results and some people listen to their heart and they will receive the beautiful things in every result.

-Sometimes, we focus on big things by ignoring the small things, but these small things become more important while moving forward in life.

-Always set a target first and then start working on it, and gradually you will receive your results.

-You must have imaginary spending before spending on real things.

-You should practice visualization every day to attract money towards you.

-We should never focus on the pain we face in our journey. Rather, we should focus on hard work.

-Whether it is physical or mental pain, everything can be healed by laughter and medicine.

-Your mental strength will improve and your relationship too if you practice the art of gratitude in life.

-Most of your physical health will improve if you sleep properly and sleep without any stress.

-You are blessed with many things in life, and your focus should always be on these things.

-Sometimes, you should be grateful for tiny things in your life.

-All your future anxiety will vanish after you start deciding to remain in the present and enjoy.

-When you start appreciating your life instead of complaining, you will have a better life.

-You should hug yourself every day and treat yourself as important.

-Try not to curse your ex-partners, instead bless them with a beautiful life.

-To achieve peacefulness in our life, we need a key called patience.

-Never lose confidence after not being able to solve something after trying hard.

-Never remain frustrated because when you are frustrated, you lose your patience.

-When you have a goal, you are on track, but you are on the right track when you have a definite goal in life.

-There is always a difference between success and happiness, and both can run without each other.

-You should have a detailed plan in your life to achieve success in life.

-Sometimes, you need to train your mind to believe your subconscious thoughts.

-Sometimes working hard doesn’t give you enough money but you should not leave working hard because one day you will get your desired outputs if you continue working hard.

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